Thursday, February 11, 2010

on both ends

Today marked another graduation. It's finally the end of Winter Camp. A lot of students are going back to Korea either tonight or tomorrow. I'm left with one student with an 8am to 10am schedule. Wow, really, two hours of work?? Anyway, the graduation ceremony made us sad and miss the students right away, all because of the AVP presentation wherein it showed pictures of students and teachers. Grabe talaga. Seeing those photos made me miss my former students. You would here 'aaaaaaaaw' and sniffing among the audience. And after the ceremony, students started crying -- because they're gonna miss the friends and classmates they have and met during the camp; because they're gonna miss us teachers (yes, US, xD ). They're gonna miss Jabez. Seeing students sincerely cry, I decided to leave Jabez right away, not even took advantage of the time to talk more to my students who are about to leave. I don't want to be part of the crying. I'm an emotional, shallow-hearted person. Bleh. I pity very easily and I get touched rather easily as well. Farewell are sad. And though they're sure to comeback summer or winter camp, I'm not sure if I'm still gonna see them. I'll miss them. And they know that. I gave them farewell letters and stuffed toys and diaries and pens.

And finally I took photos of some of the farewell gifts they gave me. Of course, I took photos with them. (I want to change my cam already).

the pen with an engraved T. Merie from John

the alarm clock given to me by Sunny. I tried using the alarm this morning
and it was indeed effective. O.O

UL-me and John UR-me and Sunny
LL- John, Merry and Sunny holding my farewell gift to her
LR-cousing Merry and Sunny

I will miss them. Same with the other teachers like Teacher Roma. She's a sister in Christ and I'm blessed to meet someone like her whom I share the same beliefs with. My life at Jabez was so much fun because of her. I will miss our roofdeck random talks and break time chit-chats. I'm looking forward to a Starbucks moment with her.

And as what I mentioned earlier, I've only got a student left named Hyun-Jo. She'll go back to Korea Feb 25. I don't know if I'll stay that long in Jabez. But she told me she doesn't want to change her teacher anymore. Maybe I'll stay until then and maybe it's already a signal to go back to my real career path. Stopover is over. I thank the Lord for the calls I'm getting most especially the one I got yesterday! Next week is a prep for a turning point once again.

You know what?? God has been really good to me! I am so overwhelmed by what he's doing in my life! I am not worthy. And I never will but His grace is just what I need. If you recall one of my posts about me choosing to give up my devotion time because I am already dead tired as soon as I get home, it was a bad choice. So one night, as I was praying, the Holy Spirit revealed to me to do my daily devotions again. That time, I was crying so much. The next day, I made a choice: I'd rather have lack of sleep than give up my devotion. And from that day onwards, I kept my word. And the days have never been the same. Despite the lack of sleep, I'm not in a grumpy mood. I always look forward to a brighter day. Talking to Him and meditating on His word really brings a deeper joy in us. Just shows that if you really do things according to His will, He sticks to His promises all contained in His word. Glory to Him!

It's almost Valentine's day, and I'm not looking forward to anything. Even to my traditional celebration with my Orig4. All I know that it happens to fall on a Sunday, really good thing it's a Sunday. ORLY? It's V-Day again??
my student took this photo

2 Corinthians 1:20

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