Thursday, August 1, 2013

252. Thankful Thursdays

A simple “Thank You, Lord” each time we are awake to our senses every day makes a big difference throughout the day. Appreciate the little things, which may actually be something big for some, like the breakfast that we eat or simply waking up under a roof, inside a room, on a bed, covered by a blanket, surrounded by a pair or three pillows.

  1. Sleep is luxury. While I’m already used to sleeping five hours a day, I feel thankful that for the past days, since I was sent to ER two weeks ago, I allowed myself to sleep at least seven hours! And though I used to have the “Sleep is for the weak” mentality, having more hours of sleep makes me feel more recharged and refreshed.
  2. I feel happy and thankful because as of July, I was living to my half-year resolutions! Ok, I gotta admit, I gave in to some of the EOS flashed in front of the stores, but not as much as before teehee!!
  3. Workout, workout, workout! Not all people can spare a few minutes or are able or simply not disciplined enough to do a workout hehehe! I don’t get why some people think of workout as a burden. Even with a trainer maybe, I would feel challenged! I actually dare myself in my current routine each time, gradually increasing the minutes of the exercises. It maybe a challenge, but there is that rewarding feeling and happiness right after finishing my routine! I usually take a self-capture image of my face after because I know I would show a legit smile of satisfaction of “accomplishing” something. Hihihi! Yung selfie na may pawis effect pa hahaha!
  4. Last Sunday, I cooked!! No, not my usual carbonara hahaha! I tried cooking an easy 30-minute creamy tuna pasta! And I commend myself for doing it very well as my family and Luke said is tasted well! Weeee!
  5. I thank God for continuously sending encouragements to me. This work, in the form of the knocking of an opportunity.
  6. Slowly going back to my finance symmetry after all the unexpected and spontaneous costs!
  7. Thankful for the Holy Spirit that incessantly reminding me of thinking better, positively, brightly and trusting God more and more each day! Sarap sa feeling nito!
  8. July was a rather good month. It felt like a transition period to saying hello to betterment and extra strengthening my faith in Him.

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