Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bumped into Jezraiah

I was strolling inside the mall on the afternoon of my first day of morning shift and a familiar face caught my attention – it was Jezraiah! Haha! Yes, randomly bumped into her. She’s my churchmate and a co-member/officer back our really active days in our youth ministry. Since, we’ve graduated from being “youth”, I haven’t been really active and wasn’t able to bond with them like we used to. And yes, I missed her, together with the rest of YU2G.

Since the sun’s still up and both of us have nowhere to go yet, we decided to stay at my favourite Starbucks, the one in 6750! We caught up with each other over our frappe and macchiato. We shared our almost the same sentiments regarding our careers. It’s good to know that at least one person understands your feelings on one aspect of your life. In our case, we were able to relate to each other. I will continuously pray to God to give the desires of your heart, Jezrah, according to His will. It was an afternoon very well-spent with her! Sa uulitin!

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