Monday, August 12, 2013

256. A Night in PJs

It feels like we’re high school all over again!! Yes!! Just hosted a slumber party last Friday-Saturday with my girls, and some of the guys dropping by too! Apart from me, being the hostess was second to the last to arrive shame on me I know haha, everything was funnnn!!! We felt like teenagers again! The girls were cooking and the guys were watching the FIBA Asia Philippines-Kasakhstan game or maybe catching up or just plainly talking among themselves. Sorry guys, no booze if I’m the one to host hehe. And I cooked my just recent tried recipe creamy tuna pasta. I guess it’s enough to feed our tummies. Hahaha! Beng prepared her ever favourite wicked oreos! And Julie topped it off with vanilla ice cream! Yummm! We also played Kinect Xbox360 Dance Central! We enjoyed it!!! Ang saya lang talaga! But at 2AM, the guys have to go and we girls were left to ourselves.
Beng and her infamous wicked oreos!

A little month-late surprise for the July celebants

The guys dropped by, too, making it more fun and livelier!

 Inside my room in our PJs, we caught up with each other as it’s really been a while. We talked about everything. We listened to Dada’s story. We talked about our being from Venus and of Men from Mars, our careers, our “adulthood”, of quarter-life crisis, of life. Hayyyy just being with my girlfriends for more or less 15 hrs, I felt like a child, a student, a friend, a teen, a mature individual altogether those hours. But no matter what I felt, during those hours, and during the more than a decade of friendship, I am grateful that these friends of mine are still treasures to keep. 

Til next time girlfriends!! 

(cr) Beng and Julie for some of the photos

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