Sunday, August 11, 2013

255: PUSO: Ticket to See You in #Spain2014

I am OA-ly emotional of last night’s win! Ako lang ba? I bet the whole nation joined together in a tear-jerker kapit-bisig moment as we won over Korea and cut the so-called “curse-of-Korea” during the FIBA Asia 2013 playoffs! It was a sure ticket to FIBA WORLD in Spain 2014!!! Grabe the feeling!!! It was so hard to contain!

The game itself was heart-pounding, but each of the players in the court played a big role and each shot was a huge one. The second-half was a blast and as a spectator and “EXPECTATOR manalo”, I really saw the PUSO in each of the players, the drive and the ferocity were in each one of them! I guess the team remembered and felt it well, they were playing for God and country and the whole nation was with them.

I won’t deny the skills they have and the team effort, and the hard-core training they went through, the sacrifices they made, backed up with the support from their families, but I firmly believe that it was also a huge favour from God that we were able to grab the win. The crowd was in tears and were united in chorus to Bamboo’s Pinoy Ako “hoy Pinoy ako, buo aking loob” which was very true that game. Even Coach Chot Reyes was weak to his knees, unbelievable of the win! Aaaah galing talaga!!!

Prayer was a really powerful weapon too. Months ago, there was already a campaign to pray for this team. I liked that part when after they won, the players gathered around and offered a prayer of thanksgiving to God and then off they went to the sweet embrace of their families. I guess everything in that game was a sight to see -- from beginning to the very end!

It was indeed a historical win, one unforgettable day in Philippine basketball or entire sports history! And though as we may all know and feel, that it is high likely that we are gonna be eaten alive by the other teams during the world cup, okay lang! We made it there, and who knows, PUSO might still reign.

As I write this, I want to give emphasis to the astounding shots and plays and the clutch points of the game! But I can't! This entry will end up so long if ever I'd push through with it. So I'm posting this video instead. Grabe talaga, I enjoy watching it over and over again!

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