Tuesday, August 6, 2013

253. To The South

Yayyy! The last time I bonded with just SOME of my college barkada was when we  watched The Phantom of the Opera in CCP months ago. I guess we’re just too apart from each other and we have different endeavours that we find it difficult to schedule a get-together. Gone are the days that we go out of town during our really “cute” term breaks!

It was last spontaneous Sunday that Geh randomly messaged us in Facebook and two hours later we found ourselves already on our way to Sta. Rosa – I, Jec, Jose and Geh! We’re the south people of our barkada. E pwede naman palang ganun lang magkakasama na kami! hahaha! But I felt really glad that we got to catch up with each other! Thanks Geh for drinking Mountain Dew that kept you awake and hyper that we reached Nuvali and Paseo de Sta. Rosa and we were able to bond the afternoon away.

Jose/Gelo treated us at Cafe Breton, Paseo de Sta. Rosa! Oh crepe oh crepe!!! Super yummyyyy!! UL/LR - Dejavu; UR - Funtastyc; Le Manifique

So many things happened already and yet there are things that still remain. We may have “higher raison d'être” or higher motivation or reasons to do the things we’re doing now but we still laugh on shallow things and goof around. Actually, I missed them! I miss those college days!!

So thankful that this Sunday afternoon spontaneity happened!

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