Monday, November 3, 2014

October Dates

Hooray that October did not pass by without me having dates other than my sweet and understanding boyfriend. I like eating and trying out restaurants, not necessarily those munchpunch or or zomato or all those food blog worthy food and restaurants. More than the food, and despite my being introvert, I like catching up with people who are likewise willing to spend time with me. So the past month…

October 9

Finally ramen at Yushoken (Molito branch) with Noey!! What a catch-up before she headed to the US that time. Had coffee afterwards as well. Blessed to know and be friends with this pretty lady. Ever since I transferred to Alabang, she’s been one of the people I can be natural with hahaha!

I loooove their ramen!!! But I must confess I would have savoured it more if not because no spoon and fork available! Hahaha!

October 12
Quick catch up -- dinner at Culasa along Bautista and coffee at Starbucks with my two favorite people! I miss RV always!! Anyway, Culasa is such an overrated cafe! Overpriced everything!

Overpriced rice at Php40!!
October 13

I was on leave so it was a day of meeting people. I met a total of six people this day! It was both tiring and fun!
After some client meetings, and I was already at The Fort area, of course it was a much-needed catch-up with my former officemates Edna and Ave! I missed these two sooooo much!!! We tried Stacy’s and it was a charming and quaint place. Hence, the photos below. Loved what we ate, too!
Missed these two!!
Missed my partner so much!!
On this same date, I had Potato Corner cheese fries and tried Baskin Robbins at Central Square Mall with Micah.
October 23

Dinner with Xizelle at Recovery Food in Molito. It’s always fun talking to her! Also one of the people I can be natural with hahahaha! Aw I miss being teammates with Noey and Xiz!
October 25

Birthday dinner celebration of Nik and Nel, our Berks’ October celebrants. It’s been a while since the last time I was with them and I definitely missed their company! We had dinner at Jayjay’s in Aguirre, BF and then headed to Tuballa residence for some booze and “Times are hard” card game! Haha! Babawi ako sa card game na to!
October 26

Gone Girl movie date with the book club! Gone Girl was our book club’s first book we discussed. We enjoyed watching the movie and we liked how it was adapted. We somehow enjoyed the audience’s reaction while watching hahaha! There’s a huge difference watching the movie already knowing what happens in the book. It was joy for us! Hahaha! We also had our coffee and dinner at Toby’s Estate prior watching and we loved the coffee! I love this group of ours – for the love of food, coffee, books and travelling. Also glad to know that one member continue to soar higher and fulfill her dreams!! So happy seeing people achieving what they want!
Flat White
And that’s all for October. Bracing myself for the last two months of 2014. It would be pretty hectic but wishing still that I could squeeze in dates with people who matter.

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