Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday: October Edition

01 Was not able to take photos today. But as I began October, I feel thankful that I feel motivated to face this last quarter. The photo above is something I noted to myself a week ago.

02 The joy of window shopping for furnitures , gathering some pegs and imagining my future office..

03 My kind of me-time this Friday night. I have always been thankful for alone times.

04 Being surrounded by fabrics make me feel like I’m in the happiest place on earth. Haha! Thankful that I managed to source all the fabrics I need for the wedding.

05 Super thankful for this day of quality time with my boss amo.

06 And it officially began. A month delay and thought of even pushing it back but the Lord is good! This space would soon be a place of my childhood dreams coming alive. Big dreams, tiny space, tiny steps, big God.

08 Approved designs. Changed shift today hence made room for more time to sideline haha!

09 Finally tried Yushoken ramen house!! Thankful for tonight’s catch up with an officemate. I missed coffee and dinner dates, spontaneous ones.

10 Overtime but was able to make time for some arrangements.

11 Blessed to have attended the annual Saved Festival. Pure joy to praise and worship that Man up there. Suppppeeerrrr blessed!

12 Another catch up night with two of my favorite people.

13 A long Monday but fulfilling one. Today I realized that I may not be very blessed with material wealth but with people.

14 I feel thankful and blessed with the lives of the five people working on this place. I’m sincerely praying for them and I would like to extend any help that I can.

15 Clients.

16 It will take quite some time but I feel excited.

17 I didn’t like how this turned out to be. But I am glad and thankful that finally it’s done!

18 I always feel happy for learning opportunities

19 Been looking for a copy since its release. And thankful for Sketchbook I got one! I just need a creative companion in this form.

20 What reminded me as I started my Monday. Thankful that even in random online arts I am reminded of things that I should do and accomplish.

21 This brand of coffee with the “packaging” and a “sweet” note is something that made my Tuesday. Oh thoughtfulness reaches deep.

22 Pan de sal mornings and bonding. Thankful that gradually or momentarily, it feels good to be at work with mornings shared like this.

23 Dinner with teammate and someone to vent out to.

24 Returning clients and my much needed me-time.

25 Aahh reunited with my high school barkada. So blessed with my set of friends! What a night of fun and laughter!

26 Talks over coffee on books, travel and life and of fulfilled dreams. Was able to watch a movie with the book club too. I love our book club!!

27 Feel-good for today, seeing these CBTL planners!

28 The collection’s coming to life, slowly.

29 Pamper day! Gel-ed fingernails and pedicured too!! Weee! Getting ready for my birth-month!

30 Thankful for budgeted expenses slowly being paid.

31 This photo is captured by a new phone! Yay!! …After more than two years and after seeing my old phone dying on me and timely enough something to use for our trip.

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