Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Travel Tuesday: The First Disneyland Experience

Another highlight of our Hong Kong trip was Disneyland of course. We were kids for a day! From the train ride to the fireworks display, one would really feel giddy and would totally understand why people label Disneyland as the "happiest place on earth". It was pure fun and excitement. It's still thrilling to see, despite any age, ALL the Disney characters that you once saw and "played" with as a kid in "real flesh" and big in front of you! The theme park, despite the rides being really kids-friendly, have lots of wonderful sights and will give a number of amazing things. :) There's no way to explain it but experiencing the park itself :) I'll leave you with lots of photos below! 

If I have lots of cash I would have definitely hoarded Disney stuff in the shops in the park!! The parade brought back a lot of childhood memories -- cartoons and movies and childhood feels!

The Toy Story land must have been our favorite area in the park. :)

And we've seen the Lion King show!! I felt happy being able to watch a live Hakuna Matata performance! Haha!
And this is the MAGICAL part, one of my dreams, to witness the fireworks at Sleeping Beauty's castle! Sarap sa feeling watching it with someone special. :) Yes, I have to admit I teared up. Hahaha! I am just that attached to fireworks, okay! Haha!

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