Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Hong Kong Day 1 Tram to The Peak

Trying to keep my word to myself, here's the second instalment of our 2013 Hong Kong trip. This is still part of our first day in this foreign land. Even if our feet was giving up on us for the lots of walking we had in Ocean Park, the walking saga continues as we went to visit The Peak right after. It's one of the must-visit/must-do when in Hong Kong most especially for us first-timers. It's the pinnacle of Hong Kong island with wonderful views of the city and the harbour. 

I guess we arrived at one of its peak hours (or maybe this is normal because it's The Peak hahaha oo na another corny joke) but we had to queue for about 45 minutes to ride the Peak Tram. There are other ways to get to The Peak, but we opted to have the Tram experience. Despite the queuing, part of the experience was a little history of Hong Kong and the site itself. It lessened the boredom somehow. 
And finally our turn to ride the Peak Tram has arrived! It's good to have experienced this. I had some "scared" moments. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster, a one-way only coaster ride. As this ride leads to the peak, the track goes up and higher and higher and even steeper and up until it gets closer to the top nakakalula!
The above photo shows as we were getting near the top. People taking photos of Hong Kong's wonderful view.
But first, let us take a selfie with our the Peak Tram experience! We look so haggard already, we were literally sooooo tired!
And as we reached the very top, a windy, foggy, very coooooold air greeted us! It's the lowest temperature I have experienced in my existence that time. With my being underweight I felt like I could easily be carried away by the wind haha!
I needed to pose here and there! It was not easy to take shots, or maybe I was too scared of the height! That feeling of the possibility of falling anytime. My scarf almost got carried away by the strong wind!
We tried taking decent photos but first, I was too scared to get that close to the edge; second, it was too windy, third, it's foggy!!
Of course, couple shots!! Still not that decent though! Maybe next time, when I'll be back, I'll try visiting The Peak on daytime. 
We passed by this "waxing" shop, whatever it's called and had our holding hands waxed! Ayieeeee ang cheesy namin dito hahaha! We also tried one of the restaurants in the vicinity. One of the things I least liked in Hong Kong? Food. All I enjoyed was the noodles. But I will talk more about this in another post.
On our way back to our hostel, we tried riding the ferry. We're glad we tried every public transportation possible in Hong Kong (I guess??). The ferry ride felt more convenient than if we opted for the train. Plus we enjoyed the view while we were riding it.
And yes we have to take photos. Luke and I discussed that only if we could start with utilizing the ferry as one major mode of transportation here in the Philippines, it would be convenient for a lot of public commuters. I keep on praying that we will be as developed someday.
With that ferry ride, we still needed to walk and here's a paparazzi shot of me somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui. (That rhymes! Haha!)
Also, on our way home, the Christmas vibe was felt, Christmas lights decorated most places already!

What a really really tiring day one in Hong Kong it was! But we felt glad and accomplished for having experienced this much for our first day. Such a busy country with lots of things left to explore. Day two on my next post! :)

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