Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Travel Tuesday: The BIG Buddha

This is a favorite part during our Hong Kong trip. Hong Kong's a busy city and this trip to the Big Buddha felt like we were outside of Hong Kong and definitely away from Manila. It was closer to nature, far from the buildings and establishments; and I always approve of things that give me the feeling of away from the usual busy-ness.
It was an early morning far train ride to Tung Chung station. Then to get to the Big Buddha or to Ngong Ping, there are two ways: one is thru riding a cable car and second by bus. We initially bought cable car tickets but at that time we were there, cable car operations were cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions. Remember that at this time of our visit, Yolanda's effect was still somehow felt. Boo, I know. Riding the cable car to Ngong Ping was that thing I was most excited about of this trip, yes, even more than Disneyland. Sayang talaga! I told myself to be back here just to have the cable car experience and savor moments in Ngong Ping. It was also really cold and windy that day at 13 degrees. Anyway, our only resort to get to the top was by means of riding a bus, which at the time has a long queue. We braved it anyway. It was almost an hour ride getting there.

So instead of my expectations of cable car selfies/photos, we still took uhmm bus selfies hahaha! Turistang turista lang. It was the first time I felt a somehow-chilly weather (my Pulag experience broke the record after a few months) so I took advantage and wore a scarf (one favorite accessory if you haven't noticed yet) and a beret. Pero dapat naka-sunnies pa rin hahaha! I really don't like exposing my eyes publicly. I know it's kind of maarte hahaha!

Upon reaching the top of the mountain, the temperature went down farther. Super lamiiiiiiig I can't do without leggings. Alam mo na walang stored fats haha! The place was covered by fog from time to time. Still, it was worth the ride. When I go to a new place, I want to feel the unfamiliarity and that is what I achieved in getting to this place -- its culture obviously different from mine, but there are ways to connect with it. It's always interesting to immerse in it while at it.

We still had to climb the 268 steps to lead us closer to the Big Buddha. The wind gets stronger as we get closer to the top. Yung feeling na naman na tatangayin ako sa payat kong to hahaha! 

At the top, it was a good view of green surroundings (and some fog interrupting the view from time to time). I don't think it's acrophobic friendly, I felt frightened for myself. I was on top of the mountain!! Hahaha! Indeed, it's a BIG buddha. Parang ung katawan ko daliri niya lang. Let the following photos show you more.

As we went down, we roamed around the vicinity, there are a few more attractions like the Po Lin monastery but we still had Disneyland in our itinerary on that same day. We had not much time on our hands. So picture-picture na lang.
And here I present to you below, our ultimate favorite photo of our Hong Kong trip. Oh love love love hahaha! At oo, sobrang hangin sa labas.

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