Monday, December 22, 2014


Last December 20, after dressing up the first ever Miss Merie bride, I headed to Mall of Asia for my college barkada's musical date. We were not complete that time yet and was rather early for the musical so we had dinner first at Lugang Cafe. I was already feeling a bit under the weather pero tuloy pa rin! Syempre catch-up catch-up with everyone. On a non-musical-related note, I am so proud of what my friends have achieved so far, feeling nanliliit ako in terms of the career we started taking, we took up business courses. There were career-shifts (one thing I am really really praying for which I find it hard at this career stage of mine), promotions, expansions and even setting up charity organizations on top of good business. Clap clap!
So to the musical-related part... It was a first for everyone of us inside The Theatre Solaire. The broadway musicals we've seen were all held in CCP. The Theatre Solaire is something similar to Resorts World only bigger. The place looks untouched, obviously newly opened. The sound system's really good. The stage is nothing like CCP. I guess it won't hold much musical shows. But it's a good venue for other shows like pageants and concerts. 
Of course photo op everywhere! Ang mahal kaya ng ticket sulitin pati ang posters everywhere! Hahaha! Seven out of ten SFF were present! Ang saya! One of our biggest gatherings hahaha! Tin, Jose and Kat have been my musical buddies and this is our second musical for 2014. Glad that Candy, Roma and Kaye were also available this day! 
Now I know why Chicago's the longest running musical show. It was really good and entertaining! The music and the dance moves are to watch out for. Something happened to me halfway through the show so I kind of not completely watch it boo but this musical should be on anyone's list of must-watch musicals.

And now I leave these photos of selfie-podding we got a little crazy somewhere in Solaire's carpark. 'Til our next musical date!

Credits to Tin and Kat for the photos.

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