Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Travel Tuesday: Museum Day in HK

Museums are one place I am always amused about visiting -- etymology kasi nyan ay amuse-eum hahaha! Joke!! Warning 'wag paniwalaan! Haha! Being in a foreign country, and with that urge to feed our curiosity, we thought of visiting the museums near the place that we stayed. And I guess it was our day! Without really consulting the fees and all as part of our itinerary and budget, it was a day of free passes to these museums! We have spared an entrance fee converted into peso of about Php150 each of the three museums we've visited! Ang saya!!! Most photos below were taken from the Science Museum and Museum of History. Unless you appreciate stuff like these as we do, you won't enjoy much the photos but still hope you enjoy scrolling! Pero very random photos!! As you know I like documenting and posting everything I feel like posting. Haha! Laboooo...

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