Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

For this year's Christmas day, I went to work. YES I WENT TO WORK HOORAY! But it's not much of a big deal as I got to go home early and there was not much workload anyway. And as I came from work I took a nap! Haha! Yes I took a nap on Christmas day! I slept really late the night before to welcome our Balikbayan relatives and had our rather late noche buena. Our celebration for this year was a simple dinner out at a breakfast restaurant, Early Bird Breakfast Club. I was able to dine in here a couple of times already but those were in their BGC branch. For this Christmas day, we opted for that one in Century City Mall. Halik sa lupa first time namin lahat sa mall na 'yun haha! We were sure we are going to be caught in Christmas traffic that this year we stayed away from Tagaytay and Nuvali area. But I am not even sure why we went all the way to this mall to have breakfast for Christmas dinner. Anyway, it was sumptuous.
Photo with my pretty sister who was all girly and wearing lipstick that day! Ang ganda niya di ba??
Clarete siblings. Oh gosh I feel old!!! Hahaha!
Happy that Luke spent a part of his Christmas day with us. :)
And below are some of the dishes we ordered. Hihi I forgot to take note of our orders and to take the photos of every order.Nakakasawa na rin pala pa-minsan. Haha!
Viva Longganisa (Php345)
Yin & Yang Champorado (Php275) My favorite!!!

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