Sunday, December 21, 2008


Hello! It's been a week. I'm too lazy to make a new post. Random random random. I plan to change the layie again maybe a week from now. Opt for the new blogger template. I'll give it a try again and use it for a longer time.

Well, I'm kind of excited but I don't wanna let my excitement spoil the chances of my family having a vacation after... *counts* ...3 years. I want, SO WANT, to visit our province. The last time, I even went alone. My parents are darn so busy with-i-don't-know so I pleaded this time. Guess what my reason is?
"Ma, Pa, next year I feel like I'll already be working, so on summer I can't really visit them as long as I want. Now, I have the chance."

Neener neener, Guess, it worked. Muhahaha. But then again, I don't wanna spoil it.

Also.. I joined a contest with a delaying effect. I exerted EFFORT (bold capital letters). But when I read and saw other entries I kept my mouth shut and dodged out those expectations. Gah. Let His will be done. If it's meant to be then it's for me -- *cliche*.

Dec 19

I went to UST's Pakuhan with my HS barkada. I'm not a Thomasian but since I'm a bummer, self-confessed bummer, and my Tomasino friends are graduating soon, they invited me to attend and why would I reject the offer when there'd be a ride, they'll get me a food stub and of course, again, OF COURSE... dun dun dun dun FIREWORKS! I am obsessed with FIREWORKS. I am! I am!

The day was meant for me, for us. Thank You, Lord! :) We were in SLEX and it was heavy super slow traffic before Sucat or Bicutan exit (not sure), darn traffic, it took us forever to get to UST! We left Las Pinas at 4pm so that we could chance a parking space in UST. And lo! Despite the traffic blunder, we arrived on UST, entered their car park, (hey La Salle, can you read it CAR PARK, teehee), saw a van who just left and parked on that empty spot immediately. We walked to the field and as soon as we were just a foot step away, the FIREWORKS began! Wuhoo! I again fell in love. Repressed worries. Said goodbye-for-the-meantime to my problems. That was almost a 10-min display! Laveeet! I was able to capture the whole display and I'll be posting it in my Multiply account. Lovely.

Some photos:

mostly taken by OLUJ :D

inside the car with Julie

UST's main building

Christmas wreath and the huge Christmas tree on the field

this is what Paskuhan looks like :)

nguso pose 1

nguso pose 2 & 3 haha!

playing with the funky hats

i know we must save papers but we
can't help goof around with the tissue :D

ze girls. half of the original no. *sigh*

kawaii shot

final group shot without me
better have a solo shot


more photos here & here

Haha. Obviously I was lazy to make a collage for the photos unlike my previous posts. Just like with these photos of our Christmas party, held a while ago, in our church which we call, Banquet. Twas fun! :D

more photos here

We wore the same shirts last Youth Annual. :) Just for uniformity and it's red!

Let me go on with the random-ity of this entry. I was supposed to post these last Friday but I was lazy! Lazy lazy!

Yes, it's that Iraqi journalist throwing his pair of shoes, one at a time to Mr. President Bush. In fairness to Mr. Bush, nice moves! Why don't we play dodge ball? And have you heard that the Filipinos imitated this one? During a protest or a rally, I dont know, they threw shoes on a poster of Madam President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Ugh! Marami talagang tangang Pilipino. Sheesh!

And... O.M.Gee! I have been waiting for a year already. My former blog could actually testify that I was expecting this movie to be showed this year! But but but seeing the trailer somehow suffices the year wait! It's Veronika Decides to Die, novel written by Paulo Coelho, in moving images! THE MOVIE! Screamiiiiiing!!!! One of my favorite novels! Veronika to be portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar. *lalalalalala*

Loooong entry, I know! Too much photos, I know! I just missed you! Haha!

Just a few days away.

Soon it'll be Christmas day!

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