Monday, December 29, 2008

Randoming Before Year-end

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This year's about to end and I'm writing the second to the last post for this year, yes, before my year-ending post (if I will not be so lazy to write one) and before I change my layie (do I really have to mention this? Haha) Oh, this would be random :D

Blogs have been really a useful tool in letting people know what's up with the writer's lives, or even other people's lives. I, for one, had been and is still gaining knowledge and information , latest scoop, or even just simple facts, as I enter into different persons' portals. There have been a lot of 'internet sensations' because of blogs. They have been the 'talk-of-the-blogs'. The latest would be Bambee Dela Paz's blog entry (read it HERE) about how her father and brother were beaten by some government official and his bodyguards. Just read the entry and know more. As what she titled that blog entry, the world has really gone crazy and is really becoming more evil each day. I feel her agony seeing in front of her eyes how cruel those people are! But I am just a mere someone to judge them, I don't even have enough evidence except for that blog entry. But I'm affirmative with that entry.

It has already reached the media what had happened with her 56-year-old father and 14-year-old brother. And I know God has heard our prayers. Malacanang had ordered the Department of Justice to investigate on the incident. I really pray that the Dela Paz family may get justice.

Tomorrow would be Rizal Day! O cmmon, Filipinos, before we devour ourselves with the jolly mood the new year brings, why don't we take time, just a few seconds to commemorate Dr. Jose Rizal. Haha! I really look up to him. He is one genius. I became more interested about his biography when I studied KASPIL1 (Philippine History and J.P.Rizal course). He is also one magnificent writer. Basta, KUDOS TO RIZAL! Haha!

And to the Twi-hards and even to those Twlight movie and book lovers, I have come to bring good news. hahaha! Well, unless you haven't been visiting TwilightCovenPh, the Twilight remake, the Filipino one, yes, that one with Rayver and Shaina (ugh! It didn't occur to me that I would be typing their names in my blog!!!), is just a HOAX, or not. Hahaha! Just read the article HERE and HERE.

Year 2009 is NEAR!!! So what do you think?? Because 92% of the Filipinos have a POSTIVE OUTLOOK on the coming year. So those Filipinos thinking negative, please move aside, coz they're losers. haha! If one would really want a better year, start it by having a positive thought about it. It really makes a lot of difference. ;) I believe that breakthroughs would happen in our beloved country the coming year 2009. I BELIEVE!

I feel like I'm already having quarter-life crisis. HAHAHA! All because I attended two christening-slash-dedication. Seeing those babies and kids running around, I feel like I'm really old! Anyway, I so love Sheena Mae and Anezka Ysabelle. They are so adorable and they really cheer me up :D

my nails stand out on the 2nd pic haha!
me, my mom and Sheena Mae on the 3rd pic

And because I feel old I dressed old. Haha! Vinatagey? Hahaha

Last Saturday, Dec 27, we had our so-called post-Christmas party :) -- with my bestest friends! It was really really FUN and REMINISCE-ful haha! We HAVE to be COMPLETE! KAYE WAS PRESENT!!! Miracle!

I so love Julo's gift!!

click for larger view

of course Starbucks, we're complete!

I am so excited for this year's last day! We will be having our Street New Year Partaayy! Yay yay YAY!!!

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