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A day at the Sony Expo 2008

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This very first photo, yes that diagonal-shaped saying CONGRATULATIONS on the top and VIP Pass at the bottom, paved way to the rest of the photos in this entry.
Hi Merie,
Please see attached image! go!!! :)
Seen it?
big snaps for you!!!! :) yay!
As soon as I saw the email and the VIP Pass attached with it last Dec 5, I was all giddy and excited! I'm one of the 50 shortlisted bloggers! I feel blessed to be in the list. There must be over a hundred entries and despite the simplicity of my entry, the lack of creativity, photos and memorabilia, I'm in the list! Thank You, Lord for this blessing -- little it may seem. :)

So on that Saturday, December 6:

(let the photos and the captions do the talking)
I'm with Julie, afraid that I might feel alone in the event and, hey it's free admission! Why not let her see what Sony is all about and have this EXPERIENCE BEYOND COMPARE.

See, we can already feel the very welcoming ambiance seeing this :D

...upon registration I got this very cool folder. I just saw someone who has the same folder as soon as I entered the SMX Convention and I wanted one and I got to own one! Yes, V-I-P! Those rare times I'm treated a VIP. No to typical pen & paper registration. Why use them when it's a SONY Expo?!

The hosts for the expo are the stunning KC and these three cool DJs.

Mike Pamero
is the winner of the Sony Cybershot camera I dared to win. But his "Katas ng Saudi" entry was surely one winning entry. Congratulations! Aside from the camera he won, he suddenly became the apple of the eye of the many media people -- interviews and picture-taking right and left. Oh and the chance to take his picture with the stunning darling KC Concepcion! Seriously, he had to do it onstage! But with KC? Absolutely, why not?! Right, Mike?

Isn't KC so stunning and gorgeous?
Another bonus I got to see upon attending this SONY Expo

(too bad I don't have any photo with her)

Of course it's not just the SONY Expo I went there for. It's also a Nuffnang event and I have this rare chance to interact with my co-Nuffnangers! I only met a FEW -- Miss Lena, Riyo and Mike. They are nice, friendly, cool bloggers! It is actually my first time to attend such event wherein I get to meet people whom I interact with in the cyberworld. I also had the chance to meet Roanna, and some Nuffnang people. :)

My favourite part of the Sony expo 2008 was when we have to complete the stamp on the brochure! It was fun collecting those stamps! I was able to see all those cool and techie gadgets and try it! You don't have such privilege inside the malls in ordinary days! There's a booth for every SONY product category - Ericsson, Walkman, Bravia, Vaio, Cyber-shot etc. I especially loved three booths -- the SONY theatre (where Resident Evil was being shown that day), that SONY VAIO nook and the SONY Cyber-Shot. Those are the same products I would love to have! So what's the end of this stamp-collecting-booth-searching game? FREEBIES!

SONY together with Nuffnang did not allow their VIPs to go home empty-handed! I so love the Bravia Bunny (but I want more colors just like what I've seen in the TV ad haha!) and the goodie bag! :)

The forefront of Hall 3 is showcasing SONY's world's breakthroughs! Apart from that, around the hall were specific booths for each of the 8 Sony's World's Firsts. The Sony team also elaborated and explained more of its features and specs during its program, they have one Sony representative talk about each innovation. They don't just do the talking, the expo attendees are free to go around the hall and have a look at each of the products. I, myself, took this opportunity. And what are the Sony guys (as what I call them) do aside from stamping? Of course I asked them questions! I just want my curiousity to be fed. The questioning and the 'product trials' made me a witness! They are indeed jawdropping breakthroughs! Allow me, an ordinary person having not much of techie, complicated words stored in my voabulary, share what I can say about some of Sony's world's firsts:

World’s First Motionflow 240Hz LCD TV: Bravia Z450 -- ok so it was hugely displayed and you can view it without heasitation just like TV displays inside mall stores. One thing - eye-popping. In our ordinary television, fast motions and sudden movements are displayed with sort of tiny winy blur and is pixelized -- not with this Bravia Z450. So if you are into sports-watching and action-packed movies and TV series, this Sony innovation must be in your list.

The World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series. It comes with a headphone. It is also light-weight and sleek and cute. You can carry it anywhere. This should have been out back when I was still a college student. The noise canceling feature allows you to work almost anywhere. If I have this back then, I could still write my dissertation even when I'm inside McDonald's where everyone's excitedly eating and chatting.

The World’s First Slimmest Camera with Optical Image Stabilizer: Cyber-Shot T77 -- oh Santa, I have been good this year please give me this one! True enough, I would love to have this camera as a bestfriend. Aside from its slim-sleek-cute features, this camera allows you to capture your crush who is dancing onstage -- without blur! Or take an image from inside a fast-driven vehicle, like seeing a wonderful view outside your car window, snap it with this Cybershot T77.

The World’s First Noise Canceling Portable Music Player: NWZ-S730 Series and the World’s First Noise Canceling Headphones: NC500D have obviously a common feature. The latter cancels 99% of what can be heard in your surroundings. Cool! When I tried it, I was like taken into a different dimension. Having the noise canceling feature doesn't reduce the audio quality. Use it inside, hmmm, let's say in the midst of a noisy market, then close your eyes, it will be as if you're just inside your own room. Ooops, I forgot about how the market smells. Or it is one good tool to protect you ears from your Mom's constant nagging. Haha, of course I kid. :)

When you say breakthroughs it's something one-of-a-kind and not-typical. Innovation. Sony's world's firsts. LIKE. NO. OTHER. (just what Sony says). And someday I would own them. Not if they'd come up with another set of breakthroughs!

The Blue-ray disc player and Sony mini TV are also part of their world breakthroughs. They also have this thinnest flat TV, which I was not able to take a photo of.
The Sony Expo event is one COLORFUL event I should say. I entered the SMX Convention not expecting too much (but I'm expecting to bring home the camera! i kid :)) But what I've seen and experienced already made my day! Though I wasn't able to take any SONY gadget home, I got to experience almost every gadget showcased in the expo and it was really way way cooler and fascinating than what I expected! I experienced being a VIP -- VIP seat, free buffet lunch, and the freebies! Couldn't be thankful enough to Nuffnang and most especially SONY.

A day at the SONY Expo is one fun memorable day. Fun because Sony expo allowed us, their consumers to have a glimpse and experience the world breakthroughs and innovations. Memorable -- a day it was my first time to meet 'online' people, thanks to Nuffnang as well. A day that I was even more convinced that SONY is absolutely one of the best brands worldwide. The brand that always comes first. Makes me understand more why each home shelters a SONY product, making lives better. With the world breakthroughs they came up with, and their firsts, it is surely one brand I would buy and support and even start the word-of-mouth because even in a short span of time inside the expo I have experienced beyond compare.

I'm definitely looking forward for another Sony expo. ;)

Other photos are resourced from the Nuffnang blog, Sony, and
Mike Pamero's Facebook account.

Kindly visit SONY's website for more info regarding their World Breakthroughs and Innovations.

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