Tuesday, December 9, 2008

White Choco Frappe

Don't you love chillin'? For my friends and me, we define chillin' as taking a break from all the chaos school brings us, from sleepless nights, from THESIS-ing, trying to veer away from school reminders and works and from too much of those that tangles and twists our brain cells and neurons. And we often chill @ some place where there's good vibe and quiet ambeance -- somewhere like Starbucks or some coffee shops (but we don't drink coffee, haha). We love that Starbucks near Ruins (Good Shepherd Bazaar) in Paranaque and Starbucks, Las Pinas near YC and Red Ribbon. In my case, these days, I chill, because there are so many things that the walls of my room, the corners of my so-called home reminds me of -- clouding my supposedly uncluttered, worry-free mind. It's just that the feeling is not supposed to be what I am currently feeling.

Anyway, don't wanna turn this into one emo entry. Last Sunday night, I went out with my ever-so-dearest-BESTEST-friends of mine (minus one, Kaye, she's unavailable for the NTH time) -- Beng, Julie, and Oluj. We went to Ruins to shop for some DVDs. Sssshhh.. Don't support piracy! Nyahaha. How ironic. Anyway, from DVD shopping we went to, what else, CHILL. I remember so many entries from my previous blog about our 'chill sessions'. (suddenly misses my blog again). Then it occurred to us that this would be our first time to CHILL for this season. Hello? Starbucks, on a Christmas season, planner, stickers to collect -- but not this year. I don't want the planner so I don't visit Starbucks that often compared to last year. We just missed doing such and another realization it is December, they're two weeks away from Christmas break then January comes then Februrary then they'd graduate from that we call excruciating college life. SO FAST. QUICK. It was just like yesterday when we were all either excited or anxious of entering college. That was indeed fast.

And of course, Christmas is so near. We hear Christmas carols, see Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas breeze, etc etc. I wanna share with you two of my wishes from my Christmas wishlist:
  • a 300 GB plug-and-play external HD
  • a change in either my laptop or personal desktop RAM to 4GB RAM
Isn't it obvious how I abuse my computers? Hardcore user here.

And btw, I promised Afianne to promote her shirts here in my blog, so my dear blog, allow me... Who knows Fiamette here? aka Jewelmire in the blogger world? Unfortunately, she deleted her blog already. See how talented she is? Here are some sample of her shirt designs:

Visit FIAMETTE.com for more designs and for your orders. I've got a chance to wear the shirt itself, i'm one of those who modeled (guess who... haha) and it really feels like 70% cotton. I feel comftable wearing it. It's flattering. The shirt's nice.

Random Whateverisms:

  • Ok, so Manny Pacquiao won the dream match. Poor Dela Hoya, pretty face pa naman.
  • Marky Cielo's dead. Grabe, I was really shocked! Just 20 years old. Life is indeed unpredictable.

I'll end my post with a photo of my White Choco Frappe with the right spelling of my name! The third cup in my whole frappuccino life with a 'MERIE' in it. Kudos to Starbucks BF Paranaque baristas! Yay!

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