Friday, December 26, 2008


I feel like blogging. :D

First just wanna share this video:

Honestly, I cried when I saw this vid. I was touched. So true. No exact words.

Next, I'm lovin my ankle boots! Haha! But no photos yet :D Just lovin' it.

Yesterday, Christmas day, I went to this Christmas party with my HS barkada. :) We're not complete but it was fun! We enjoyed digging the past, past lovelifes mainly. Haha! Super laugh-trip.

Then I suddenly recalled about our group diary we used to maintain back in high school. But the diary are for girls only. So as soon as I got home, I unlocked the drawer which I think was unopened for more than 3 years or 2 years already. And I spent the rest of the night last night and half today reading our diaries. hahaha! I was laughing and felt like crying. I MISS THOSE DAYS when we care and give a shit about snobs, bullies, the MEAN GIRLS of our batch, simple not-so-good comments. As what we said last night, we were still KIDS then. In our diaries (we have 4) we talked about our teachers, how we hate them giving quizzes, about our crushes and then-boyfriends -- fights, cool offs, courting, etc. We talked about those people who hate us, we hate them back. Hahaha. the diaries were witnesses to how immature we were back then. Hahaha!

orig4's diaries :)

our girlkada's diary

Good thing we have them-- something to aid us in reminiscing. Haha! Someday I'll be posting the quotes and the poems that were composed in that diary and the EMO LINES as well. hahahaha!

I'm off to a post-Christmas party tomorrow and these diaries would be the highlight. Hahaha! I am SO EXCIIIITED!

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