Monday, November 24, 2008

Bonggang bonggang fun fun!

Hello blog! I'm writing with aches from different parts of my body. You'll later know why.

I had a blast this weekend. Thank God for Igoy inviting us, and Chen for having us in her debut. Wow! It's by far the coolest debut I've been to. One of the best! And Tita Ethelwilda for being such a nice Mom-slash-Tita for always welcoming us and "spoiling" our barkada on this kind of stuff.

Plans about us attending this debut were settled, guess where, in Plurk! See, I told you, we're communicating through Plurk, haha! And the planning of it made me even more excited. I really wanted to go because, first, I'm booored to death and it wouldn't kill me if I go swimming with friends. Second, Kaye would be going! That is a once-in-a-blue-moon occassion! Third, and since Kaye is going, Orig4 (we labeled our self as such because basically our barkada started with the four of us) would definitely be going and Orig4 wouldn't be complete without me and so i need to go (err okay, that should be WANT, nvm)! Fourth, just like Kaye, Igoy would be there, of course, and that is a rare occasion as well. Fifth, they rented the whole Hacienda Daraza -- hotel, swimming pools, team building site (we've known about this after getting there), rooms -- and there is food, not to mention buffet-all-the-way-all-day and these are all for us guests! Sixth, hey it's a debut so it is for FREE. I don't need moolah! My Mom didn't actually allow me to go to this debut, that's why I soooo love my father for allowing me to go, last minute. Both my parents are really not into allowing me in 'swimming outings'. Traumatized.

But I was there and had so much fun! Much much fun! We left my house at 6:30 PM but we left Las Pinas at around past 9 PM. May mga pa-espesyal kasing mga tao. Nik has his interview while Chi's busy doing their thesis. We arrived at the place at 10:30 PM. Wow. We never imagined that the place we are stepping on that time we arrived would be one haven of excitement, fun and adventure.

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We ate. We laughed. We partied. We danced. We sang. We swam. We told stories. We tripped. These are just the things we have done during the night to a little past 1am. Our berks may not be complete but we had so much fun! And yes, ORIG4 is complete! The last outing we were complete was last year, April, at Quezon province. Wow! Super fun! We had had some pool games. We got to drink Lambanog (again).

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The next day was blasting. The girls and I woke up early, at around 6AM, to jog and wander around the place only to find out that breakfast would be served at 9AM. Haha! Too much for being early. Despite the hunger, we still swam and enjoyed the water. After the breakfast, was the danaaaaan! AMAZING RACE (Daraza)! Lol! Chi and Mark (team Bongbong, haha!) and Beng and Gil (team Bengbeng) represented our kada. Wow, superb amazing race. The roadblocks were really roadblocks. The stops and the pits were really not that easy, you need to drink Kapeng Barako, traverse, obstacle course, trust excercise which was really a difficult one and many else. Plus it was raining so we got to feel the adrenaline of the race! Kudos Chen! You're good at this! We also rappelled! The last time I rappelled was during a girl scout camping back in high school (i'm an active girl scout.. :)) I sooo love rappelling! We love rappelling! Btw, Team Bongbong won 1st place and Team Bengbeng 4th place (there were 10 teams). So the total price of 1200 we used it to drive thru McDo! :D

click THIS! for more 'comprehensive' photos...

Now you know why my muscles are still aching up until this point - swim, rappel, run. But these adventures in the midst of their thesis-ing and some busy school stuff surely was a good way to unwind and 'breakfree'.

There is this word that has been abused all through out our stay in Batanggas thus the title --> Bonggang bongga! haha! We have to leave at around 4pm since Igoy still has his duty at 10 pm that night. Aaaw...

Despite the fun I still felt guilty because I wasn't able to attend any Church service and our monthly youth service. Sigh. My parents didn't scold me! Yey! Instead they just reminded me that I missed attending the church service which I knew of already.


Ok, so this post doesn't have flow. Just want to write down the fun I had yesterday.

Joy and strength each day I find and that my soul knows very well.
Forgiveness, hope, I know is mine and that my soul knows very well

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