Thursday, November 20, 2008

Say Hi to Mr. Boooredom...

Dear Mr. Boredom,

I'm stuck at home doing almost nothing. Thanks to household chores that somehow keeps me a little productively preoccupied (i said a little) at the early part of the day. But when everything 'productive' is done, I'm again inside my room, most of the most of the most of the time. Sometimes I lay down on top of my boredom bestbud -- my irritated-already-bed (because she feels she's been working a lot in handling me sleep, at-least-8-hours-of-sleep-daily) reading a book, reading the Bible, taking some notes, doodling, sketching, re-reading/re-scanning/re-skimming magazines & newspapers (oh yes! newspapers!), staring at the ceiling (making friends with shadows on my wallPhotobucket). Or... in front of my laptop-turned-desktop (im not placing it on top of my's stuck on top of my study table), visiting aaaaaaaall my online accounts -- social networking sites, blog -- checking on what's new on my bookmarked sites, and of course Plurking -- it's the tab open most of the internet time. It's where I communicate with my friends -- they're plurking too, HS & College friends. Thanks to this annoying-thing called karma points that we're into it. And because of the seemingly lazy lame days, I have learned :

  • watch the 90210 TV series (2008 franchise). Thanks to Tine for suggesting this one and blogging about it, i got interest on the show. I'm liking Silver played by Jessica Stroupe. I find her character interesting. With her being a bff-turned-fiend to Naomi, and being verbally abused by her mother and how she deals with it. Plus, I like the way she dress. And though others might not find him appealing, i'm liking Dustin Milligan, as Ethan. He's some star player yet trying to keep his feet on the ground and be true to himself guy and not just be someone who is dictated by his fame but well, is still confused, I think?? I've watched a lot of episodes of the infamous Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000). My Tito is a fan of that series and everytime he tunes into it, i'm by his side watching it too. The 2008 90210 franchise can't really be compared with the old one. It's really not the same, as far as my memory is concerned, well except that 90210 zip code, of course. One more thing, Brenda in 90210 is the same Brenda in Beverly Hills 90210 as well as Kelly and her mom who is still a troubled mom (she's half-sister with Silver). But not as lead characters anymore.
  • feed my torture on waiting for so long on something by reading and visiting and watching those related sites.
  • ...that even those guys who have no effin' idea on the novel would or might still love that MOVIE.
  • ...that there are rumors of a possible Coldplay break-up! Oh no, pleasse. Noooo. Not them. Just choose those not-good-too-much-emo-bands. Not Coldplay. In a site (thanks to Kim for sharing the site), I've read about this:

...we've heard rumors that Grammy-winning group Coldplay is breaking up, and frantic fans have been writing to us and calling in to radio stations asking for the scoop. Here's what we've uncovered: singer Chris Martin told Contact Music yesterday that the band will retire within the next year or two, because they want to be on top of their game when they leave the music industry. Of course, after you make a statement like that, fans and blog readers are going to freak out and assume the worst!
Chris hinted that a breakup is imminent, telling Contact Music, "I'm 31 now and I don't think bands should keep going past 33...we're trying to pack in as much as possible. Up until the end of next year, we'll just go for it in every sense. I don't believe in time off."

  • ...that Robert Pattinson and Ed Westwick (British are love ^_^) are in this year's People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, together with Hugh Jackman, who's on top of the list of People Magazine's SEXIEST MAN ALIVE, Michael Phelps (of course!), David Beckham, and guess whooo, Mr. Boredom, yes Zefron made it on the list. Mr. Zac Efron aka Troy Bolton made it. Would you believe that? Pretty, isn't it? Haha!
  • ...that elected US President didn't return a call to Madam President GMA when the latter congratulated the former, but Obama did return calls to the other Philippine senators who congratulated him. Haha. Big deal, huh? Read it in the newspaper. Lolz.
  • [EDIT] ...and also Mr. Boredom, learned that Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 11 is one of the best GG episodes i've seen. I have to spoil this if there are readers who haven't watched this episode yet. I love the episode because it is Thanksgiving. Then Chuck and Nate are friends again. Nate and Vanessa talks again, so Vanessa and Jenny are not in cold shoulders anymore (well, at least for this episode, let's see what will happen in episode 12). Mr. Archibald made the right decision. Nate and his Mom are back to their house. Blair and her dad gets to celebrate with each other on thanksgiving. And.. this one made me cry...

Jenny loves her dad too! She's back in her father's arms. Isn't this lovely and nice for a thanksgiving? Oh Rufus! I sooo love Rufus Humphrey!
I'm not. I'm out of anger. Miss you too much. Your brother helped me realize that I haven't told you something -- something important. I love you, Jenny. I love you so much, I'm willing to let you go if that's what it's gonna take to get you back. And when the time comes for a court hearing, I won't stand in your way. But there's nothing you can do to make me stop loving you.
-- Rufus Humphrey, Gossip Girl
I so can't wait to see what happens on the next episode. :) [/EDIT]

Also, Mr. Boredom, i've been regularly updating my Tumblr account and DA account, yeah, because of you.
And because of you, I have learned that the only way to get rid of you is for me to earn money. Right? So I can go out when I want to and buy what I want to. Haha! That sounds fun but not any near my grasp yet. Why don't you just help me pray for a good, God-given job? Or would you mind paying me for feeling you most of the most of the most of the time?

loves you soooo dearly,
sarcasm bum-merie...

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