Friday, November 28, 2008

My first Sony experience is with my family's Sony- Trinitron 21" Television

You have read the title right. It is with a television that I had my first Sony experience.

As a child. I remember those good old days when I come home fetched from school, still in gradeschool, I change clothes, and have to take that siesta (nap) which I fake sometimes, wake up, eat merienda and my much awaited part -- for my yaya to switch on the television and let me watch cartoons. I can clearly remember waking up early on Saturdays just to catch Hirayamanawari and when vacation is on, I am a kid eager to watch Bayani, Sineskwela and even that Batibot early in the morning. Yup, no Blue's Clues and Dora yet. 80s child babeh. :) And to the much older days, I can still visualize our old television which gives us poor color quality, but it is still cool back then, COLORED TV -- not black and white, not sepia.

It was one day when I saw a huge box (it was huge for a child me back then) block our front door. I came from school then. Curious child that I am, I looked inside the box just to see styros until I heard my Tito's voice. I looked to that direction from where his voice was coming and saw him setting up the television. I literally felt soooo sooo excited! My initial reaction was something like WOW! A BIG TV! Ang lakiiii! After the setting-up, which actually took long because of the antenna, we all gathered up in front of the television, just like one eager bunch of people watching a so-much-awaited-movie-premier. Wow the colors -- clearer and my eyes just loved it. Wow it's big -- compared to our previous 15" TV. Wow the sounds -- it's better and louder. Just wow!

Oh those memories. This is the same television I used to watch Ang TV, -- 4:30 na Ang Tv naaa! Beverly Hills 90210 -- i'm watching it with my Tito. For Kids Only -- that kiddy show where they showcase those really cool toys that made me wonder could I go inside the tv? Sabrina The Teenage Witch -- I once dreamt of becoming like her. Are You Afraid of the Dark -- watching it with a pillow. Wansapanataym -- ooh one show my parents approve of watching, the morals you know. Ghostfighter -- raaaaaay gun! Sailormoon -- moon crystal power make up! And a lot more! Up until now tv shows repeated over again, but just one television. Cool.

For more than a decade now of entertaining us, the Sony Trinitron television is still alive. Stood all those years. One day, my Mom decided to give it away, and I protested one loud NO! Think of me as one sentimental freak but I won't let it go. It may not be flat, nor an LCD, not a plasma tv, it may be left-behind or even outdated, I don't care. Because it is through this Sony television that I have learned so many things, wow-ed by some shows, discovered talents and skills, stirred emotions and had been a tool of hope for my dreams -- like seeing some celebrities and famous personalities that made me blurt out "I wanna be like her."

It definitely gave siginificance in my life just like the Sony's World's First RGB Led Backlight Bravia X450, which would really give another heightened watching experience. :)

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