Sunday, November 30, 2008

today is definitely a Sunday

I'm supposedly watching THE KATINAS concert by now but i'm blogging from inside my room. My mother didn't give me money to buy tix for some blunder i did last night. Plus, I'm going there alone. Sad.

So i've got a 'new layie' here. Pretty lame layout for me. I'll use this for the mean time. I'm working on a new layie and i'm lazy to tweak and edit and stuff so I ended up making use of a Blogger template.It's Sunday once again. Got home at around 7pm. I missed my church! Today is Praise & Worship celebration Sunday. We celebrate it whenever there's a fifth Sunday, like this month. The line up is nice because my favorite songs were there, nyahaha! I just love praise & worship. I feel privileged to give glory and to sing and to dance for the King of kings. One of the best feelings is praising and giving glory to His name. There was just a 15-minute preaching a while ago. It was about Jesus The Provider. I've written entries on how I still can't seem to find the right job for me. But one thing is for sure -- HE already provided it -- I just have to wait! Thank You LORD! Remember in the Bible how Jesus was able to feed 5000 people (whatever the bible critics say) and how birds get to live everyday when there's actually no one feeding them? And whatever you need right now, just call unto Him, for He is the God that listens and the God who answers our prayers.

YU2G (how our church's youth ministry is called) had our Evangelism Sunday today. Before we hit the mall, we watched this video clip entitled 'A Letter from Hell' (it's inYouTube if you're interested). I've actually watched it 2 years ago and we let the young people watch it a while ago so they would have the burden and compassion for the lost souls as well. I believe in hell, don't you? Hell for me, isn't just a mere imaginary place that the adult ones used to frighten us when we were still those innocent li'l kids. I really think it would never hurt us if we do what's right and avoid doing wrong to avoid going to hell, right? What's right is what pleases God, it's what is according to His will. After that, we prayed and off we hit the mall. We were required to share the Good News to at least 3 young people per group. Praise God! With the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we were able to do so. Now, it's up to our prayers and follow-up and God's move how their relationship with Christ our Savior would be strengthened and deepened. We got to meet different young people. And I'm glad that we were used to spread the Word. We gave them button pins as sort of a 'reward'. We headed back to the church and said a prayer. Then... bonding moments again! I just missed them. We even planned our EKscapade and Christmas party. We teased and laughed. Ate and goofed around. We had so much fun. These are what Sundays bring us. The 'core group' were complete a while ago. This seldom happens, grateful for tomorrow's a holiday. Don't you love that as well?

It's Sunday. Bonifacio day -- just saying. The first Sunday of fireworks display. And you know when Christmas is just less than a month away when SM and Ayala malls already have their weekly fireworks display. You already know by now how I am so much awed by fireworks. Every year, I climb up over our rooftop, weekly, just to have a view of the fireworks. I am just so in love with them. Am I already sounding like some psycho here? Gah, Christmas is indeed near, the malls are just sooooo crowded and traffic is at its worst. Just last night, we were just inside Las Pinas vicinity, inside a friend's car, and it took us almost two hours just to get home. Those stupid selfish drivers who don't know that counterflowing is actually wrong most especially when there are no traffic enforcers around. Let me just rant more of this. Las Pinas City is known for its heavy traffic most especially in the Casimiro intersection area. So last night, my friend is craving for SEx (Sinangag Express) and we opted to eat at SEx, Times. Gah. It was the wrongest decision we've made yesterday! From Alabang Town Center to that place took us AN HOUR! That's just the same travel time from La Salle to Las Pinas (vice versa) or from La Salle to Quezon City -- by car! And you know what's the worst part of it, it is just because those stupid selfish drivers counterflowed for no reason at all. See, we have four lanes, 2 lanes for northbound and 2 lanes for southbound. Now, imagine this, suddenly, there were four lanes for north and south bound. Stupid, right? The cars were stuck leaving no lane for the traffic flow!! Filipino drivers must really add DISCIPLINE in their vocabularies. Well, partly blame Las Pinas traffic enforcers for tolerating 'kotong' and 'lagay'. Boo! I salute Subic traffic and for its 'discipline-centered' traffic laws and Muntinlupa and Makati strict traffic regulations implementation.

As I've mentioned I was with HS friends last night and we watched, what else, TWILIGHT. Glad that I didn't expect much. My guy friends were super disappointed. They felt that their 170php movie passes were put to waste. Anyways, we had fun at the first kissing scene. There were literally giggles and shrieks and, yeah, even SCREAMING inside the cinemas. Stupid other viewers who got annoyed with those. Don't they know that Twilight has screaming fangirls all across the globe? Maybe, they don't. Don't wanna elaborate more on the movie. But as we stepped out of the cinema, we were WOAHed. The queue was like a mile long? And there were 3 cinemas showing Twilight and it's already the last full show. woah.

our reaction to twilight. :P(we, three, read the book)

with HS friends(that 3rd guy is really stupid... hahaha!)

Oooh, btw, have you tried Sanfo Treats yet? I love apples. I love chocolate. I love caramel. I love marshmallows. And Sanfo Treats combines them. Yummeh. They also have frozen bananananananas and they have different flavoooors. :D

Tomorrow is a holiday and i'll bond and watch Twilight (again) with college friends. I miss them!!!
You are the way the Truth and the Life, we live by faith and not by sight for You. We're living it all for You.

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