Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Yearly Berdey Post

I have been writing birthday entries since 2005 -- the year I started my online journal. And as much as I want to re-read my Nov9 posts for the past 3 years, I could not do so because of the i-do-not-know-how-my-blog-got-deleted-in-cyberspace-incident. This is the 4th Nov 9 yearly entry. Just shows how time flies so quickly.

A photo-filled and loooong entry. I just love writing loooong entries... And about the photos, my birthdays have always been a take-as-many-pictures-as-you-want-day-slash-photoshoot-day...

I have been celebrating my birthday not on Nov9 itself, it's among Nov 10, 11 and for the first time, I celebrated before my actual birthday this year -- Nov8. Actually, I have no idea that I'd be celebrating my birthday yesterday, Nov.8. It was all a surprise. They just sms-ed me that we'd be having a 'photoshoot' for an entry Julo would submit on one photo contest. I even ranted when I arrived ahead of Beng and Julo. It was until I sat inside KFC that the surprise began! So they actually met before Julie came to meet me. I just love the cakes Julo's mom bake. She's my most favorite baker! Super delicioso - I mean the cakes, not her mom! They also gave me a 'SWITCH' watch. haha! And so we strolled around ATC and again I wondered why as early as 7pm they wanted me to go home already. I had a hint because they're 'going home' with me. So I just gave in with what they were planning and to my surprise, upon reaching home, KAYE was there! The four of us plus Julo were complete on my surprise-birthday-celebration! I rushed immediately to hug her. We haven't seen her for 3 months. We used to be neighbors kasi that's why I super miss her.

They are the BESTEST of the BEST friends I have. I have known them since we were in 1st grade. I run into them when my shoulders are heavy. I share to them my joys and even my failures and sorrows. Since my debut celebration, I haven't had another birthday party. The birthdays after my debut, I 'exclusively' celebrated my birthdays with these orig4 + 1 friends and family. And since after-debut, they HAVE BEEN SURPRISING me (this is where my previous Nov9 posts are in handy, ugh!!!!) Am I really stupid and slow to not have any hint?!

@ATC with Julie, Julo, Beng and their first part surprise
can you see that photo of me and RPattz?? nyahahaha... such a daydreamer...

these were taken last year... we're laughing on these shots!
we call these our 'jologs' photos...
more photos

and these are some of the photos taken yesterday (Nov8)...
forgive our vanity...
and since it's my birthday, i requested them to
wear some of my stuff and let julo take the shots...
another surprise -- those clothes worn by them
are mine and they fit them! sa sooobrang payat kong to! haha!
more photos
Cake & Ice Cream -- Salubong to my berdey
yeah, its her birthday...

Browsing on just a year-long photos and writing this entry -- I have some realizations. I am indeed growing up and is experiencing early adulthood crisis, is there such? haha. A year ago, we were talking about our anxiety and fright on having our thesis. A year ago we were just mere students laughing, worrying, and talking about school stuff. But last night, we're talking about graduation, about my jobhunting, about -- ugh i hate to admit we talked about 'marriage', about future business plans, and those stuff we used to call as for-adults-only. But we're not adults yet :P We are just indeed maturing.

Ok, so that was just Nov 8.

Nov 9. Sunday.

Of course my dear churchmates and fellow-YU2G greeted me. Just a typical Sunday having a typical Sunday service, having that typical weekly ministry meeting, typical typical. And though I'm really not feeling well, I still enjoyed my day. Had fun with churchmates. But I went home early for a Sunday and at home, I spent the rest of my birthday with the orig4 again and with my family. That simple, but definitely happy.

I am so blessed to have a family, to have churchmates and to have friends like them... :)

Ooh and I'm sharing this birthday email I wrote for my self sometime in June this year. Read it. I said READ IT!!! It's funny! I even mentioned thesis, graduation, job, and ftw - Breaking Dawn and Twilight movie. hahaha! I'm laughing on my answers. haha! You guyz should try it! I already forgot about this email until I saw it in my inbox. (click it for larger view)

Thankful to my parents who brought me to this planet.
Thankful to Orig4 & Julo.
Thankful to Jec, i saw her last Nov8 as well & Tine who took effort on greeting me in almost all of my internet accounts! Mind you I have more than 10. Super appreciated Tine -- my 2 college bestfriends!
Thank you Jose -- the very first person who greeted me through text :) and Roma -- the last person who greeted me. Other SFF forgot :( emo na ko..haha!
Thankful to Mei and Jez -- my online friends and the rest of my blogmates and plurkmates (plurkmates??haha) you know who you are dearies.. :)
Thankful to my Berks and you DADA!!!
Thankful to the friends, churchmates, schoolmates and to all those whom I share, I've shared my days with.
and above all,
May the rest of my life be a blessing to others and be used only to glorify You.

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