Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spying Over Burn After Reading

Yes, I love Brad Pitt and I've been trying to watch all his movies, I said trying 'coz I failed to watch some of his movies. But I'll definitely would want to watch Burn After Reading because:

1.) Brad Pitt is there. Have I already mentioned that he's gorgeous.
2.) George Clooney is there as well. Such a good actor.
3.) These 2 actors in a comedy, spy-adventure film?? No way! I would love to watch this!
4.) The film's plot is something interesting. click this for the synopsis.

.. and if I get to watch it for free and with bloggers, not to mention Nuffnangers, and the first event Nuffnang hosted, would this really some movie to look forward to?!

Burn After Reading

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