Wednesday, March 6, 2013

149. The 26th and the 792nd

I'm just glad that I have someone to share my everyday with and how we still celebrate even in the littlest ways our month anniversary aka monthsary. So that's 792 days together or 26 months. Cheesy noh?

We always try to find a way to celebrate like for today we met I after workshift, and him before workshift, then we had corn kernel, which we missed buying and eating in SM Makati like we used to before we go to work together in the previous job, of course catching up with each other, listening to each other's rants and everyday stories and then we had lechon for dinner!!! :)

The next three months would be another kind of adjustment for both of us. Our shifts are on opposite poles! :( I'm asleep and he's up and grinding, I'm up ang grinding and he's asleep. Bakit ba kasi nauso ang noght shift?? Haha! But we trust that we'll get past this and even stronger.

Finally tried Frey chocolate. Yes a first for me.
It's good!!!! It's like a caramel macchiato/toffeenut frappe in the form of a chocolate!
He always picks the right kind of chocolate and messing up my Chocolate ranking. Not complaining though.

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