Monday, March 18, 2013

154. Monday Musings: Reached What?


You guys, there are days that I’m really convinced that im having a quarter life crisis. Growing up. Getting old. Whatever. But one thing’s for sure, years do pile up so as experience, knowledge, and learning and even material acquisitions. But, Merie, come to think of it, what else? Questions like how far I have gone on the road that I decided to take, well im not even that fully decided, see!! Actually, I have been feeling calm and good about myself lately and I know it’s all because of the joy, peace and strength that come from God. Constant talking to the One who always listens is really really direly helpful! But, of course, when face to face with reality I tend to still wonder and my mind is in wander.

I just read Thought Catalog’s article, frequent visitor of the site for the lulz and for sometimes serious thoughts on random and even the trivial matters of life. It’s the article "18 Points in Life It Would Be Nice to Reach." I’m highlighting three that I would like to blab about.

4. A point where the decisions you make are entirely based on what feels right/good to you, and not what looks cool or pleases others.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all came across this point in our lives or is still at this point in our lives. Philanthropy not included I guess. And as soon as I read this I somehow told myself ‘Oh Merie, good job! Seems like you’ve reached this point already.’ Well I said ‘seems like’ because I didn’t rid of it totally. There are days that I still made decisions based on what can please others. Don’t get me wrong, by deciding to please others, I don’t necessarily have to sacrifice what’s right and/or good for me. Must be a win-win situation.

12. Basically never having to check a bank account balance at all, unless it’s to revel in the glory of your Scrooge McDuck-esque pile of wealth.

And this is what I’m constantly praying for! Because I do have to check it still. My first step was to condition my mentality that I don’t have a credit card. It’s a mortal frenemy. I love to shop and my favorite therapy is retail therapy. Imagine my restrain for how many months now. Withdrawals!!! And yes, I have used my credit card only once this year!!! Hooray!! But I used up the limit. Lol. Jk. And then I have to lessen my visit on voucher sites. It’s another frenemy! It’s just a few clicks away from spending. And I make use of the bounce off my eyes technique – something I learned from a pastor’s sermon. How does it work? The peripheral vision of mine saw a really cute pair of pumps on the shop window. Tendency must be to bounce off my eyes. But then life’s disparities are tricky, yes I do succeed in bouncing off my eyes but diverting the vision to another window flashes a wide four-letter SALE so I bounce off my eyes and then a cute dress with a big MARK DOWN sign says a loud HELLO to me. Thou shall not visit malls too often is much easier to bear. Haha! I’m just happy that now, I feel like I know the value of money more than I used to. I may still check my account from time to time but seeing it grow and not a hurtful “0.99” balance is better.

16. A point where all of your Facebook friends are too old/know better than to invite you to play Bubble Safari, Farmville and all that other crap.

I don’t want any of your game requests. And while I unfriend people, some keep adding me back. The reason why I don’t log-in and check FB that much is because of the way people use it. Not just with the neverending game requests. It’s supposed to create healthy connections. It’s just sad that it’s been a venue of public shout of materially acquired branded-top-of-the-line possessions (bitter ako?? Haha! Not that it’s wrong but if it’s the only thing you post, dude, where are your friends? Just those material stuff? There must be something wrong); a venue for letting the world know of your pessimism and hatred towards the world; a venue for showing off; a venue for bragging; a venue for know-it-alls; a venue to show the world that hey-I-can-speak-English-and-the-hell-I-care-with-proper-grammar; a venue for falsies and pretense; a venue for adults acting KIDS. Come on. We should already know better.

And what else have I or haven’t reached yet? There is so much to tell but let me cut it here.

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