Tuesday, March 26, 2013

159. Thoughts and Megashake

Lately, I’ve been exuding a really grateful attitude towards my current job. It is just recently that I’ve genuinely thanked the Lord for blessing me with this job. It took me three months!! It’s amazing how God works this way. I was blind-folded with pessimism and resentment that I didn’t see the goodness and the possible-greatness of this change of phase in my life. I even got frustrated that I don’t get to see the silver lining! Just a silver lining! But I was wrong. I don’t need to see the silver lining as I have bright clouds in front of me. I do miss being a trainer and having trainees. It was one of the sweet blessings God entrusted me. With the current corporate role, I’m blessed that despite the reality that I actually lack the relevant experience for this post, I was given this chance. At first I was hesitant to pursue it. I thought of quitting on the first week (given that a few companies still called me up for interviews!). I was so overwhelmed with the new responsibilities and tasks. I was actually commended a bigger responsibility. I felt like singing A Whole New World but with a sense of grief!

Fast forward to today, I feel good about it. It may be far from what I really really want but in the past days, I realized that this experience is what will take me there. Sometimes, in our paths, there needs to be a bridge to go to the next destination instead of swimming through the possibly rough waters. Crossing a bridge might appear easier. I believe that this is its purpose. And I’m claiming it. There were also regrets that I’ve risked the possible jobs for big UK fashion brands, a fashion-related job, I still have it at the back of my mind though, I still wonder what if I attended that final interview and did not uuuh sorta ditch it (teehee my fault >_>). Well, living life always has risks involved. Right now, I just feel glad, blessed and grateful.


So… it’s been five months since we started working for different companies. Up until now, I still wonder how it would be if we’re still working together for the previous company. I miss his singing voice out of nowhere while we’re all busy doing our tasks, his pangungulit, his messaging me through the OC, I even miss those moments that we’re together in a conference call or a meeting – I miss having him as a teammate, a colleague. Nakakamiss talaga! Kaya naman it’s always a treasured moment when we get to spend time together or even talk! Not only that we’re working for different companies now, we’re also on opposite poles when it comes to our work sched. Currently, Luke’s on a night shift and I am on a day shift. So imagine my thrill and happiness when I get to spend time with him. Last Sunday is another well-ate Sunday spent with him. Haha ‘ate’ talaga. We tried Clawdaddy for the first-time and guess what, I got a free MEGA MANGO SHAKE for checking in for the first time using Foursquare. Guys, if you don’t have an account still, might as well create one and enjoy the freebies. So far I’ve got tips, a free load (which I wasn’t able to use as I’m in a plan) and this Megashake. Haha perksss! And just because it’s our first time at the said place, let me show you the obligatory photo posts using my humble camera phone.

Me and the Mango Megashake! Para bang di proportion? Haha!

No need to say that it's stolen. Alam na niya na I always take a shot of him. Aware siya kunwari na lang hindi hehehe

Kansas City Ribs (P395)
Good for sharing if you're not a basketball player or far from hungry hehe but can really fill the tummy so heavily for a solo-eater

Four Cheese Oyster (P295)

The boyfriend's Summer Blend drink. Thirst-quenching!
Megashake c/o Foursquare!

We went to attend a Church service after lunch. It’s been a month since we last did it together.


On other news, last week Wednesday night, I got the chance (finallyyyyy after weeks and weeks of tweeting and planning) to have dinner with my two lovely former-trainees (libre niyo ko girls, next time, public show of appreciation yan haha). Well I thought we’re going to have food to fill our tummies, but I should have known better. It was all laughter and chikahan and legit kwentuhan. I missed these girls! I suddenly felt myself going back to the training room when it felt like we have everything to ourselves inside the four corners of that room. Hopefully, I get to bond with them and the rest of the girls, and the rest of my trainees from all batches really soon. Nakakakilig lang that we still keep in touch, I get to see their major kabaliwan moments still. Haha! Sa sobrang kabaliwan, I could give Cibo the right to ban these two hahaha! Pizza-pasta night!!!

That's Che and Pixie Patricia
Photo c/o @Chepiccio IG

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