Saturday, March 2, 2013

148. It Didn't End There

Each time I eat out with the people I used to see everyday, it gives me that inner happiness. It just lets me know that I’m not forgotten and there’s still that bond that ties us together even though we don’t get to see each other everyday or as often as we used to. The saddest part of leaving the previous job is being somehow “detached” to the people, to my teammates and colleagues. I lasted that long (well it’s already long for me) because of the people! I feel giddy each time I am reunited to anyone of them! And that’s exactly how I felt when I had brunch and dinner (separately) with three ladies close to my heart! (Naksss close to my heart pala kayong tatlo).

I got excited because honestly, with my current job I don’t get to talk a LOT like I used to. Not that I talk a LOT but I used to hold a trainer post haha depensa agad!I’d sing softly to myself, and sometimes those are the only words that come out of my mouth for the entire eight hours at work. I do have officemates but it’s just different being the youngest in the team, you know I don’t have enough guts to bully them older than me. Hahaha. Or maybe I havent gathered enough courage YET. More so, the current role is so unlike the previous one, as a trainer requires a lot of talking. Anyways, eough of the blab but yeah I may already have a panis laway that I'm excited to see these ladies and talk to them! And it doesn’t help knowing that these ladies are not really on the silent-type range of people (they may look like they’re quiet but trust me they’re not haha!).

Wednesday afternoon. Arianne finally “woke up early” that day and as-fast-as-a-bullet decided to contact me and have lunch. I was given a millisecond to accept her offer or decline it. But she’s “the boss” who am I to say no? Duh. But really, it’s been long planned that we have lunch together with Sy supposedly but thank the fairies for waking her up early that day we finally had lunch together. Ok, brunch actually since we had it at Early Bird Breakfast Club. I absolutely missed talking to her!! But... I can't believe I felt all grown-up talking to her! We were talking about our careers! Seryoso tayo that time, Arianne! Haha! We could've just talked about KPop or books but career. The thing is we I still enjoyed talking to her. :) Sad that I only made use of my lunch break so our time together was limited. Arianne (and paging Symond Buso) let's please do it again, okayyyy??

A little talk about the place we ate in. As mentioned, it's in Early Bird Breakfast Club, it's located at Unit C, Ground Floor, Fort Pointe 2 Bldg., The Fort Complex, 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City. It's a tad near my place of work that's why. At some point, Arianne and I have already talked about this place and we finally tried it. If you want a cozy place for an all-day breakfast, it's the place to be. I like their interiors. I was looking forward to having a photo with the beautiful blue and white wall but we weren't able to do so (next time). Poor photos below, lol not blog quality.

It's the frame just beside our table. Other knick knacks can also be found. You won't get to eat right away, you might find yourself observing the place first, and probably taking photos hehe.

My order's "Sunny Salpicao". It's a chicken meal.

This is Arianne's order which I can't remember lol. But nice presentation, noh?
Thursday night. It's a meeting with two Maria's! Maria Lecias/Chat and Maria Kamila/Kam (and I'm officially Merie, will prolly talk about this on another blog post teehee), so that subtly makes us three Maria's! Yay!! And I miss these two kids, okay ladies hehe, sooooo much!!! So thrilled to see both of them! They also left, just recently, the company (mga gaya-gaya joke haha). Endless talking of everything under the sun! I am so much at ease talking to them! I can talk about anything and everything and best of all I can bully Chat as much as I want to hehehe (mwah Chat!). We met for a reason that Kam's leaving the country :( It's actually a first time that the three of us get to bond outside the four walls of the previous company, it's fun but it's sad to know that it's the last for now. I pray for your success Kamila!! Don't forget me! Send me lots of gold please!! Haha! Felt so happy that I was able to see them and talk to them and eat! We ate at Shakey's, no need for formal introduction for this place haha!

Their eyes are droopy already!!
At the end of the day, I feel grateful having these people around - thankful that our acquaintance and friendship didn't just end there. :) Thank you so much ladies! 'Til next time!

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