Saturday, May 4, 2013

189. Saturday Room-buddy

Go slightly intrude my privacy. I'm proud to be part of today's productivity. (Incidental rhyme I'm good at it haha). I was able to clean the mess that my room is. I changed the bed sheet and the pillow sheets. Say hello as well to Kathleen (ube purple stuffed toy from Batch 7) and Zombie (which is not actually a Zombie but Luke and I deem it to be so). The outsides of my aparador - don't be fooled as it has skeletons in there (I think I'd be needing two whole days to 'declutter' and clean the insides of it). The humble old school television that lately I have been ignoring due to time deficiency (what a lame excuse) and my all-around table which finally had the chance to breath again today. It was like a bodega table hours ago. Yep, that's a framed puzzle photo given by the sweet boyfriend. Sound neat sleeping tonight. So that's about it. You may now exit my room.

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