Thursday, May 9, 2013

192. Thank You Thursdays

  1. Thankful that we’ve been out of another pit hole, better and stronger.
  2. Sometimes I feel that I have the worst mood and I have the silliest thoughts and I am the weirdest person, I even feel really bipolar at times, and it just feels really good to know that albeit my madness, someone, some people, are here to stay!
  3. Not feeling well can be a blessing in disguise. This week I was able to take a day off from the frantic month-end lunacy at work. On top of this, I was also able to experience the good things life has arranged in front of me.
  4. I feel thankful that I have this rolling sideline of a tiny business that gave me additional earnings this week. I keep praying that this may be a channel of blessings for me so that I may be a channel of blessings to others as well. God really do works in inexplicable ways. Galing Mo!
  5. Having a large group of relatives – just seeing them around, playing with my nieces and nephews, talking to my cousins and cousins-in-law, to my aunts and uncles – helps in making me feel extravagantly blessed! Their occasional visits and remembrance creates a loving feeling. I am definitely not alone. 

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