Thursday, May 2, 2013

185. Thank You Thursday!

Another round-up of things to be thankful for on this Thursday!

  1. Last weekend magnified and made me realize (over and over and over again) the immaterial things worth thankful for. I had a jam-packed weekend – was able to bond with my boyfriend, family and high school friends – all in one weekend! This seldom happens! I never had a dull moment last weekend all because God has blessed me with each of the people I am able to celebrate life with everyday.
  2. There are people who can’t even eat three times a day and don’t have enough clothes to change to everyday. I feel thankful that I have money to spare for “extras”.
  3. Some people don’t even have something really cold to help them feel refreshed in this horrible summer heat but I have been spending a tad over my daily budget to quench my thirst for fruit shakes, Zagu, Jamaba Juice and the likes. I really have to mention these as I’ve been spending quite a sum on them lately hahaha!
  4. That time of the month wherein your “sipag-sipagan” and really hardworking moments paid off in the form of work output and in the form of money!
  5. Let me just put it out here that I’ve been blessed with blessed friends. It gives some good and positive vibes!

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