Tuesday, May 28, 2013

203. Of Surgery and Of Life??

Heyyy! I'm back from my surgical extraction Wuhooo!! I thank God for answering my prayers and giving me the strength and willpower that I needed!

SB's Tuna Melt is my breakfast before the surgery.

Gave in to the Buy 1 Get 1 deal on their seasonal drinks as well!

The past weeks I have been nursing a tremendous headache. I thought of the unbearable heat as the reason, or maybe the sometimes lack of sleep. Until my gums started to feel aching, toothache, to the point that the spoon can not enter my mouth anymore because I can't open it wide enough caused by all the pain. It was almost a torture eating! I can't chew properly and I even need to push the food inside my mouth with my fingers. Ang lala! You might already have an idea of what's causing it. Darn WISDOM TEETH! Not just one tooth but two impacted molars! My jawline can not entertain longer my third lower molars causing them to be impacted. Hayyy why do I have such small face! So they needed to be extracted not by a normal tooth extraction. I needed to undergo surgery. They had to slice my gums, slice my teeth (saw/lagari??) in two and then extract them. Cringe! Thank God for anesthesia! But despite the anesthesia, I can't help but imagine feeling the pain hearing all those vibrations, cracking sounds, slicing, pounding, -- sometimes imagination does not help! Haha! 

That's me smiling with still a complete set of teeth, kahit di kita sila wisdom teeth! Super kabado na ako niyan!! I felt more nervous with this surgery than the medical surgery I had years ago!!! Feeling ko electric chair yung dentist chair.
Taking a photo of me and my 'molar' support! The surgeon allowed him to sit beside me and be my support. Awww. Hahaha!
This is a photo taken by Luke, my knockles can actually break a face. Hahaha! Sabi niya nanginginig daw ako. Hehehe! That's why he even posted this photo on Twitter saying 'Relax!' How could've I relaxed? Hehehe
And this is taken inside the elevator right after the surgery. Selfie pa rin kahit kakaopera lang. This age of camera hahaha!

Anyways, I am now feeling better. I got quite a good rest. And I can't wait to eat normal again. I can still feel the pain of the stitches on my gums. Sometimes I wake up at night still with a piercing pain of the aftermath of surgery but thankfully I did not bleed that much.

I hate taking meds. I had to take one or two meds every four hours. It's tiring!

And yes, duh, I took photos! Hahaha how sentimental.

I'm not sure why Luke gave me this. I'm thinking of it as a 'surgery' gift hahaha! Labo. Okay, he's just that thoughtful and he just loves me this much. These are the reasons why! Haha! But this did keep me company of course together with music. It's extra bass that's why I told him it was really a good choice and it's purple accented! Thank you, Luke!
And this is me three days after surgical extraction! Of course I need to take a photo showing off that I'm using what he gave me. Haha sooo random. No it's the effect of being alone at home. Actually, that's the face of a recovering person taken after three days of surgery. Partida, that's a chubbier face of mine. Huhuhu I want chubbier cheeks! Sana lang pantay.
Yesterday, Monday, Luke visited me as well! We ate pizza and pasta!! I gave all my energy to eating! It's tiring to chew!!! And then we get to watch a movie together. Loooove it!

I can’t stop but wonder what was the purpose of my wisdom teeth when they have to be removed. Are they just mere epitomes of the words pain demands to be felt? What I learned is that there are things that we need to simply get rid of now matter how painful they may be. We often think that we can go on with life carrying unnecessary baggage, and enduring the pain. I felt the pain caused by my wisdom teeth. I tried to endure it and simply wait for them to come out until it has been giving me headaches, terrible ones, and was not allowing me to eat properly or even opening my mouth wide enough. I decided to consult the dentist, actually dentists, and the common advice was to remove them. I thought of the pain surgery will cost me! The discomfort, and the pain that I have to burn a part of my pocket for the costs (unfortunately it’s not covered by my health card). However, according to them, it is the best thing to do, remove them, so that once and for all I can eat normally again, get rid of the headache and for my other teeth to position properly. The pros weigh obviously better than the cons. As of this writing, I feel better and I’m kind of excited to eat again, and for my teeth to position properly again. Maybe the best thing to do with the excess baggage of our lives is to pray to God about them, hand them to Him, get rid of them and move about life freely and less painfully. O diba, realizations on wisdom tooth. Haha!

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