Thursday, May 9, 2013

193. Some Random Day of this Week

Such a fun-filled day well-spent with Luke. We just came out of a fight and it feels good to be reunited. Haha! So just a quick run down or whereabouts that happened. A rather late 28th monthsary celebration.

8065 Bagnet tummy-filling craving-satisfying afternoon

Quick afternoon delight date with myself at Chocolat

Iron Man 3 Finally!!!! I keep bugging him after the movie that he's my Iron Man and I'm Pepper but he told me I can't be Pepper because of some past association hahaha so he's still my Iron Man labo lang
The crowd and the movie's fad already subsided that we actually almost have the movie theater at Newport to the both of us

Chicken Parmigiano dinner at Plantation.

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