Sunday, May 12, 2013

196. Cos I got it from her. Mother's Day Tribute 2013

"Mother's Day" happens only once a year but of course we can always show our love and appreciation to our real SUPERWOMAN all throughout the year. If I go back to that day each year when we celebrated Mother's day and started comparing, I might get emotional. Not that only I am piling up years, but same goes to the rest of my family, and same goes to my Mama. But still, she never ever left us. She never abandoned me. She still cooks us food and cooks me my baon for work. She still sometimes surprises me with fancy and cute clothes as pasalubongs, and she still decides if I can cut my hair or style it or not. I'm such a Mama's girl. Nothing beats Mama's love. Ever. Happy Mama’s Day Mama!
That's my Mama up there, my beautiful Mama (kasi mana ako sa kanya! Hahaha!)
Also starring the Clarete sibs and Padre de pamilya
Asian dinner at Zong, Westgate Alabang.
Roasted Chicken || Singapore Style Fish Fillet !! Beef Curry in clay pot
Showing off her Mother's day treat
Zong's Mother's Day Treat
Night Cap @ UCC Westgate Alabang

with our coffee/coffee-blended drinks

Mama with the girls
Mama's OOTD
I love you, Mama! Haha!

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