Thursday, May 30, 2013

204. Thankful Thursdays

The past week brought me situations that led me to a grateful position. The Lord indeed really has His ways!!

1. Thankful for the strength that God granted me to overcome the surgical extraction. The strength to endure the aftermath and I was really thankful there wasn’t much bleeding after the surgery! Yay!

2. Thankful to Him that He’s giving me the drive to work on my ‘sidelines’ to cope up with diminished funds I had. God indeed makes a way when there seems to be no way!

3. My business together with a close friend will be launched really soon!!! It’s just a really simple online business but we both feel thankful because what’s important is we get to do what we love. We are both thankful for this small beginning!

4. My surgery led me to resting enough. It felt so good!!!

I wanna take this opportunity to express my greatest thanks to my boyfriend. Thanks for coming to my rescue – despite lacking sleep, despite you having to go straight to my surgery with me from your office. Thank you for holding me when I cringe while I was undergoing the surgery. Thank you for bringing me home safe. Thank you for scaring me in the midst of my sleep to remind me to take my meds. And thank you that despite you still have to go to work after, you still visited me from Makati to Las Pinas to Makati. Thank you!!! But I hope you know that it’s more than just today, because you’re always there when I needed you the most. Sorry if I have been demanding of your time and yet you lovingly shared this precious thing with me. I thank God for you. You are such a sweet blessing. I love you, Luke!

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