Thursday, July 4, 2013

236. Thankful Thursdays

1. I have my bad days and I can be in a state of worst temperament, most especially on the PMS stage; but sweet words and thoughts and in the form of chocolates never fail.

2. I was able to bond with former workmates last Saturday night! It was fun! It touched my heart that they still enjoy our company and we greatly enjoyed their company as well, they missed me/us, and they still remember. I actually miss being called “Miss Merie”. ‘Di na naalis sa kanila even though I’m technically not their trainer anymore.

3. That one night wherein my parents, my brother, and I  were complete over a dinner of champorado, rice, tuyo, kamatis and okra, and we video-called my sister in Bataan, rare precious times! Even our cat, Richard Parker a.k.a. Ming  hahaha was in the dining area too! I’m in a home, with a family having us, members still intact, we have meals to eat and share and we can feed a pet, this may be trivial to others, but this in itself is also a favour from God!

4. That simple joy of publicly commuting with the pouring rain on the background then arriving home tired from work, and seeing that my bed and pillow sheets are freshly changed! Sarap sa feeling! This is worth thanking for!

5. It was a powerful and wonderful church service Luke and I have attended just tonight. God’s words never fail in touching my heart. That moment I felt His embrace, I felt revivified. The declarations last night was too intense, my heart is just overflowing with joyfulness. 

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