Monday, July 1, 2013

234. Half-year Resolutions

Just like that and it’s the second half of the year already! How swift time flies! I like to believe that my first-half wasn’t bad at all but not that thrilling as well. I have the second-half though and I want to be as productive as I could be – in all possible aspects. I’m listing down some of my second-half resolutions/wishes/to-dos to help myself make the rest of 2013 the best year so far! 

  1. Read MORE. I’ve said this many times to myself. I’ve read an article wherein the writer reads a hundred books a year!! Not that I aim for the same quantity but I want to do reading as a habit and not just some form of “whenever-I-feel-like-doing-so” type of thing. As of now, I have 12 books pending to be read and a whole lot to purchase and read. How I wish I could read a book a day just to catch up fairlywith the no. of books released each month! But for now, I guess I’ll try to stick to a-book-a-week at the least.
  2. SAVE! Isn’t this four-letter word familiar to everyone’s resolutions? How I wish there’d come a time wherein I would tell myself to SPEND naman MERIE, SPEND!! Masyado kang matipid gumastos ka!! Don’t you just wish that as well? But reality is I need to save. I’m already thinking of long-term plans and reality check, money is a vital aspect. I need to save more!!!
  3. Travel to at least one LOCAL DESTINATION. The first half passed by and I was in the NCR the whole time!!! Fine, I’ve been to where, Tagaytay, only yet. This is unusual of me! Since I was a baby, and in gradeschool, as a girl scout and as someone with relatives scattered around the Philippines, it is unusual of me to be confined inside National Capital Region. I say at least ONE, because of course I need to do that no.2 up there.
  4. TRAVEL OUT-OF-THE-COUNTRY. Since I got my passport already, this is a NEED and must be before 2013 ends!!! This is excluded in no.2 above hahaha! But of course!
  5. Increase my DEVOTION TIME!! Sadly, I’ve been struggling on this one. I always try to find a time to read the Bible and talk to Him, but if He’d be like a slightly jealous boyfriend I would hear words such as “you’re too busy, I hope we could spend more time together, I miss you so much.” :( I need all the power to wake up earlier than my usual alarm to do so! It’s so much better having devotion in the morning than at night! Aaah how did I manage dawn watch back in college??? Signs of aging?? Nooo! =))
  6. Find time to try to COOK. Because I need to prep myself to be a good housewife! Hahaha!
  7. FIX my CLOSET. It’s crazy inside my closet and it gets crazier everyday!! Must sort clothes out and give away those that I haven’t used for a year or so.
  8. WARDROBE UPDATE. I felt like my taste for clothes have changed. I’m leaning towards the basics and the classics. I’ve gone past the experimental stage hahaha. Tamad na ko mag-layer-layer. I just want to wear a simple classy top and bottom then accessorize. And also, I like solid and dark colors more. But I still have no.2 resolution up there. This is starting to be an ironic list!
  9. Get a DRIVER’S LICENSE and practice DRIVING. This is one of the things I highly DO NOT prioritize. Hahaha! But how can God bless me with a car if I don’t even have the “skills”, actually I have an answer, I’ll hire myself a driver. Hahahaha! But I should give attention to this now. Crap quarter-life crisis hahaha!
  10. SKETCH, PAINT and WRITE MORE. Because they only get better through time and practice and they’re already gathering dust and getting rusty. And so are my materials!
  11. Buy myself a PIANO and play.
  12. Play a SPORT. Volleyball or badminton. And exercise comes along with it. Haha!

So… Second-half would be pretty busy and these are just SOME of my mental-noted resolutions. Hahaha! Lezdothisss!

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