Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Style Tuesday: Maternity Peg

I have always been a fan of Kate Middleton. My fondness of her went to a notch higher, and not just some princess-wanna-be fancy, when I’ve watched her biography. And since I’ve known a bit of her life story, she somehow became a life peg – of gaining self-confidence, of her humble path towards being a princess, of being elegantly simple. As the buzz is all about her very near due, the arrival of the royal baby, my latest liking turned towards her maternity style. I maybe still far from having a baby, but, she’s already in the list of my maternity pegs, most especially in the way she styles herself. I like how simple and elegant (as always!) she dons herself, even during pregnancy. Yet, she also manages to mix high street style and high end sophisticated brands – she’s actually wearing two Topshop dresses on the photos above! Being pregnant, a woman should still look her best and not “manangly”! But of course, more than these brands is how she’s blooming and beautiful as a mommy-to-be.

Source: Vogue.com // USStyle.com

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