Thursday, July 18, 2013

245. Thankful Thursday

Not the typical thank you Thursday that I write. :) Yup, that's me up there earlier today. That's actually a screencap of what Luke posted in our LoveByte app (one cheesy sweet app hahaha!). Ako na nagpaalaga! Haha! But first thankful, that nothing really bad health-wise. That was me sleeping after an IV of pampakalma that was needed to be injected because of the uneasiness and restlessness effect of another drug. Grabe no? Haha! But no, it's not something really bad. That was in ER by the way and I wasn't confined. I got discharged right away too. Thankful that I have my loving boyfriend to take care of me that moment, even coming from his workplace.

Dear Lord, I know that this is a gentle reminder of taking care of myself, of my body. Thank you for providing me the means to do so.

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