Wednesday, July 17, 2013

244. Legit VLs

Half-a-year indeed passed by and I’m now a regular employee with my current role as a Business Analyst. What a way to celebrate is by filing a two-day VL. That was my first ever legit VL spent last Monday-Tuesday just waking up beyond the alarm and strolling around the city, got to skip the rush hour part. I was able to watch a movie and stroll inside the malls while the sun’s still up and not yet flocked with people who usually pass through after work shifts.

Monday: It’s a movie Monday and we watched Pacific Rim. If you are familiar with Ayala malls’ ticket stubs, there’s a tiny stub for Timezone and we made use of it. And while we’re in Timezone we took videos just for fun haha! And I’ve compiled the videos of some of the games we played.

Meet my date that day! A robot made of recycled mobile phones! No problem contacting him! Ewan ko na lang! Haha! But I find this cool :)
Tuesday: I got to spend the morning just relaxing in my room reading then surfing the net. I had to go out for an appointment. After which, Luke and I again visited one of my happy places, Chocolate Fire in Makati. Perfect for the weather of that rainy afternoon, we ordered ourselves a white for him and dark for me (our skin tones haha!) hot chocolate drinks. It was one purely relaxing afternoon.
our hot cup of white and dark chocolate drinks
"Para kanino ka bumabangon?" Chocolate Fire style. Haha! I really love the coziness and relaxing vibe of this place not to mention their authentic chocolates and delicious menu!!

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