Monday, July 15, 2013

242. MoDe's Photo Dump: Weeks 29-30

MoDe stands for MObile DEvices hahaha! Imbentor lang! So here's the captured shots from my mobile devices.
Our lunch -- our eating-slash-bonding need not always be in restaurants. Sometimes we need to be stingy haha! But it was yummy!! The ChocNut dessert beats everything!

It's EOS everywhere including Fully Booked at High Street. With a 20% off plastered everywhere in their shop, I wasn't able to resist buying some books that are long pending their purchase in my list. Yes, even bestsellers were at sale! Now, can you blame me for this hoard?

It's my favorite Monster University face in a Krispy Kreme box. :) Got a box for free c/o our company's fun money! Hooray for sweet treats!

Devoured this one night. It's Chocolat's red velvet cupcakes -- mi paborito.

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