Friday, July 5, 2013

237. IHOP you dont mind IHOP you dont mind~

Okay cornyyyyyy... If you get that knock knock joke title up there. Hahaha! We had breakfast for dinner last night! And it was so hard to breathe!!!

Yes! All for me yummyyyy!

But before this dinner, we are SO POWERFULLY BLESSED with God's message delivered to us during the service we attended last night! The power of God's word! Breakthrough! Overflowing blessings and may left-over pa!! Our God is an amazing, great and powerful who stays true to His words and the ONLY ONE who NEVER breaks promises!! Claiming victory!!!

NY Cheesecake pancake
plus buttermilk pancakes + extra rice! Too full for words!

We are full in spirit and in tummy last night!!

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