Sunday, September 22, 2013

Berks Goes Back to Canyon Cove 2013

Last Aug 31-Sep1 weekend I was able to bond with my high school barkada hosted by Igoy, of course at Canyon Cove Beach Resort. But unlike the previous outings, this one’s a tad different. Two friends are flying to the Lion city and to the land down under and uncertain of when they’re going back or will be visiting. Chi’s case is lighter, but Igoy needs at least two years before he can even visit us here in the Philippines. This outing was sort of a farewell and it makes us sad!! Two of the members of our barkada both of which are “planners” and ‘drawers” of our different “galas” ventures out of the country. Anyway, we wish them nothing but the best.

It was one weekend packed with swimming, eating, The Conjuring, Dance Central-ing, Zumba-ing and much fun! I won’t say this will be the last, maybe for this year, but definitely not for as long as we live. Haha! See you guys soon again!

And here's a video of us while we're at it! :)

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