Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

August was a sure blast!! And there are SOOO many things to be thankful for! September started with a flare as well! And even on this fifth day of the month my heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude.

It’s been a while since I listed down here in my blog the things I’m thankful for. If I backtrack as far as the last time I blogged about it, this would be one endless post so will have to stick to the most recent ones. 

  1. First, my design made it to Top 20. And I was already all giddy about it. Then I won as a grand winner!! Imagine me!!! This deserves a separate post! Truly, when you do your best and put your trust in Him, God will do the rest, in my case ~amazingly~! I am humbled. I am proud of my design, but I’m only human hahaha. I started comparing it to other entries, and I can very well see that it’s not “bongga” at all. But.. MY DESIGN WON!! Through this I was able to witness God’s sovereignty. Through this, it was again proven (duh??!) how God moves, that He has a purpose for every single thing that’s happening. Basta ang galing galing lang ni Lord! All glory to Him! 
  2. Thankful for the moral support of Luke throughout the contest! I was melodramatic acting very emo to him, and yet he still believed in me. He still believed that my design is the best! Gusto niya tuloy ako konyatan when I won, after all my OA drama, I won. Hahaha! Thank you Luke!!! 
  3. RV – my number one supporter in this endeavour, I am very very very thankful for introducing this to me and believing in my dreams. Nakakaiyak, you are really God-sent! Chat – though we’re not workmates anymore, her support was still felt and reached the four corners of her new office haha! To these both favourite ladies of my life, I thank the Lord for blessing me with you two. 
  4. It’s the fifth of the month and it’s no.32! Aaah thankful that we’ve made it through. More to go!
  5. I won’t tire of saying every rainy/flood season that I am so thankful to live in a place that is not flood-prone! And though we were stuck in our city during the typhoon Maring, I and my family are all safe inside a dry and not flooded home. 
  6. It may be trivial to some but I’m back to morning shift!! Yayyyy! Time to do sidelines; to do the things I love to do; to meet and catch-up with people. 
  7. August was a month of bonding with people!
  8. I got to bond with my girls – we had a slumber party then we hit the beach just last weekend. It was a good bonding with my high school barkada too!
  9. Our business is starting to bloom. We’re just getting started, maybe not a head start but we’re getting there. Thankful that the Lord is giving me an affirming spirit with this one.
  10. Another dream that I’m still praying it will come true until it pushes through! Booked! Aaah!

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