Sunday, September 8, 2013

One Saturday On Me

RV and Chat with their "loot bags"
Meet RV and Chat – my greatest supporters in my Wear My Design endeavour! They were the ones whoepushed me to it and if not because of their insistence, I wouldn’t have won and maybe totally gave up that dream. I thank God for blessing me with these two.

Yesterday, AFTER a YEAR, we have finally set a date! And to give back, yesterday was on me! :) We had a tad “shopping”, chatted over pasta and pizza late lunch and still chatted over our coffee-blended drinks! This was a year after shopping crayons and coloring books, lunch of pizza and pasta still, and chatted over Jamba Juice drinks! Ano to once-a-year event?? Haha! Nonetheless, it’s always priceless to spend time with these two ladies most especially now that we don’t work under one company. It’s always good to keep in touch! So, next year ulit? Haha!

Still part of yesterday. Some Friday's dinner treat still with my favorite people!!

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