Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yay!! Finally, though a quick one, an eat-out with Tin pushed through! It was one nippy lunch-out at Saboten. It was a first for the both of us and we actually liked it. Since I’m not really a fan of Japanese cuisine, it was a good experience having tried out their tenderloin Katsu. Tin compared it to Yabu but I never had a chance to experience Yabu yet so I have no basis of comparison. Pero kung sa Tokyo-Tokyo icocompare, naman, so much better hahaha! All I know is that I liked the Katsu and enjoyed the unlimited cabbage. Haha!

In other news, I was glad to know that Tin’s doing just fine and recovered well from her operation. We had a quick catching up with each other too. I missed her so!! She’s one of the people I share most interests with. She’s someone who simply understands me and my endless sentiments! Hope to visit her in McKinley the next time.

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