Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spontaneous Date Night with My Girlfriends

Blessings were showered upon me and I have no means to return the favour aside from paying it forward to no other than my best and loveliest girlfriends!
My girls with their 'loots'!

I randomly texted them for a spontaneous date night and acted like “medyo may problema”. I know them too well that with that line they would respond YES. True enough we found ourselves reunited at ATC. Of course they got curious with what’s the “gathering” about and even had speculations of me having “love life issues” hahaha! But it’s a BIG NO. I just want to extend my winning the Wear My Design 2 contest to them – my biggest supporters. We “shopped” at Ensembles and I “paid” for what they got or more of what I chose for them. I really hope that they liked it.
Brooklyn Pizza's pasta Carbonara and chicken
We're loving Vanilla Cupcake Bakery's interiors. And these are just a part of the whole place.
Our sweettooth satisfaction
We took advantage of that night together – had some dinner and dessert. We stayed at the Vanilla Cupcakes Bakery at ATC for the rest of the night and enjoyed the interiors of the place while chomping on the cupcakes in between the chit-and-chatting. Sabi nga nila pag biglaan talaga natutuloy! And this is so far the best “spontaneous date night” we’ve had in our more than a decade of friendship.
Best GFs ever!

Again, thankful for the blessings and more thankful that I have to share them with.

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