Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to the Pensionados, Papa!

We were looking forward to this date. My father has gone 10 years past the golden age and we welcomed (a one day advance welcome) him to the pension club yesterday, Sept 22. Today marks my father’s 60th year of existence. We planned a surprise which was held at Shakey’s, Times, Las PiƱas. It was just a small Superman-themed kiddie birthday,but it was a huge success. We invited only a few of the people close to Papa’s heart. Sadly, relatives are miles away so mostly were churchmates, and really few relatives here in Manila. …and the kids that Papa adores haha! One of the reasons why I and Mama chose a kiddie theme is because we know that Papa enjoys seeing little kids around and true enough, his fondness of kids was displayed during the party. Sorry Pa, not the right time to have an apo yet hehehe.
Happy faces for Papa that day!! Family is love. Family is forever!

The 60 yummy Dark chocolate cupcakes c/o Chocolat
Some of the guests, mostly sisters and brothers in Christ
My heart is filled with gladness seeing my father really surprised and happy during this important milestone in his life. I always say that I wouldn’t trade my father for anyone else. Everyone has their shortcomings. Throughout the years my father has committed mistakes just like any other individual. As a daughter I have had a lot of gaffes, fell short of being the eldest among us siblings, pasaway on a new level, matigas ang ulo and spoiled, but my father stayed behind me, behind us, did not leave us. He is indeed our Superman.

To my Papa, you actually deserve more than this. And I continuously pray that I, together with my sibs, would be able to give what your heart really desires – like a brand new car or a house in Bohol, a rest house in Tagaytay. For now, allow us to say THANK YOU through this very little surprise effort, HAPPIEST 60th BIRTHDAY to you and that we love you so much!

Link to Papa's surprise vid:

P.s. Every guest loved the Superman cape! Thank you Shakey's Times Las Pinas for making this memorable!!

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