Saturday, September 14, 2013

Shing's a Legit Writer!

This is only our second photo together!! But it makes me glad haha!
One buzzing payday Friday, I rushed to the Manila International Book Fair at SMX not to shop for books but to at least see Shing (Jezreel Manugue) once again, after three years! I met her online and we’ve been strongly connected through our different online spaces and have been following each other ever since. But the main reason of “the rush” was because she’s one of the writers of the book “Beauty for Ashes” which was launched on that same day. I missed the launch but at least I got to see her on that special day! Happiness is what I felt for Shing because we could now truly say that she’s already a legit writer! Imagine, five years ago I was just reading her blog and now she’s got her name printed on a book distributed nationwide. I feel glad and proud for this accomplishment of hers! I know and I pray that this is certainly just the beginning of her writing walk and soon she would be able to launch a book of her own. So proud of you, Shing!

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